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MickyB back on two wheels

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Toecutter, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Seeing as the original ride thread was locked :? - a quick report of the day

    After meeting at Loftus, we headed down the old Princes Hwy to Bald Hill Lookout, over the Seacliff Bridge - and then up to Robertson Pie shop

    From there we did some great back roads to Bargo :cool: Thanks for taking us down them Waedwe

    Always great to see old faces and meet new ones

    Here's a quick slideshow click here

    Others took a few pics.....
  2. Congrats Micky ! :dance:
    Nice shots!
  3. thanks for a top day guys had a great time and met some great people, was glad to show old roads to the highway, i am always happy to show people where they are, better fun away from all the traffic
  4. Who's the squid (2nd pic of Toecutter's) on the grey Yamy in runners, sans gloves, and minus any semblance of protective gear on the legs?

  5. Wish it was me :p

    Rode ahead to take pics and it was just some random dude....glad someone noticed him :cool:

    Robertson's only about 25kms from next town Albion Park which is a large satellite suburb of Wollongong :wink:
  6. Cry me a river girlfriend.

    Anyway, good to see! Wish I could have been there.

    Why was the old one pulled anyway?
  7. Thanks for taking such great photos guys - was a great day, and despite a cold start in The highlands, was nice and sunny by the time we came up the pass :LOL: Also first photographic evidence that I don't just stand beside my bike and smile - I actually ride it too (albiet slowly on roads I don't know :wink: )