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Micky V9 gets lucky!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Scrambles, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. The evening was balmy, a soft breeze kissed the skin and caressed the leaves into a gentle dance. Off in the distance....a dog barked.....

    The ride was going like any other with the Sydney Studs (TM) in fine form. The black clad menace were tearing throught the streets cutting a swathe through docile Australia Day traffic with a flurry of revs and patriotism. Little did we know, disaster was seconds away...

    The air was thick...the cicadas buzzed...then suddenly.....


    Then things quickly got out of hand...
    "I'll help you!" yelled Scrambles. Unfortunatly he was talking to Donkey.
  2. Disturbing...yet strangely...disturbing.

    Woolworths chick eh? You been helping her with her riding technique Cam?
  3. [​IMG]
  4. scrambles - where in the name of fcuk do you and ktulu always pull an appropriate picture from so quickly??? i understand the possibility of finding one.... but you 2 are really quick. it disturbs me.
  5. :LOL:

  6. See what happens when you don't take your helmet off !

    fcukers !!


    Candid Paparazzi Camera games eh !!
    Its game on !!
  7. [shrek] ....its just a donkey! [/shrek]

    bwahahahaha, micky got laid :LOL:
  8. Micky are you upset cause i pulled out ???

    I missed the Duke what more do you want??
  9. :shock: you CAN'T TYPE THAT


    :rofl: PMSL
  10. so are we having a thurs night steak feed tomorrow fellas ???
  11. Sure why the hell not.
  12. wanna make it friday instead, i forgot i have something on tomorrow night.
  13. Thursday would be cool!... although they're predicting rain :(
  14. It aint up to me bro,

    Ask LPCIII if he ever bothers to show up here again.
  15. Well he was up for Friday originally & so was I, but I said I may bail 'coz Sam's coming up for the weekend - so Laurie says nevermind then, he'll cook dinner for the missus or something.

    ... so a ride Thursday night would be great! :grin:
  16. the dangers of playing with MSN chat ! :LOL:

    [​IMG] . . . LOL


    How random !!! :rofl:

    No wonder Syd social nights are now dead ! :shock:
  17. Phew, for a minute there...

    Thought you guys would have gone for spit roast.
  18. And there it is!

    ^this man knows :p


    Now Micky, why a shirtless webcam pic in a thread joking that you get taken advantage of??? why?
    There are fish in a barrel going, "Bah, that guy over there sure is making it tough to get shot around here..."
  19. Lindy has a new IXON jacket, can't you see !!!! :p

  20. Nope. All I see is Micky!

    ... naked.

    ... with only one hand visible :?