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Mick's FZX750

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  2. Luvvit Mick . Very neat
  3. very nice
  4. Cheers Guys. I was actually looking at a Virago etc. and this came up on gumtree for $2500. Really nice ride too!
  5. Fazer beats the snot out of a Virago. Nearly as fast as the FZ750 whose engine it shares. Good call. Dunno what spares availability is like though.
  6. Yeah it was a no brainer really. Mechanical parts should be fine, like you say the engine is a fz750 so thats ok. Trying to get a rack to fit is problematic though. But I'm a Man arts teacher, so I'll make one up when I go back to work.
  7. Looks sweet! A bit curvy but still having this rectangular 80s aesthetics.
  8. I have changes the stupid square headlight for a round one since the pics. Looks so much better!! I reckon they got to the end and realise they forgot to put a headlight in, then just grabbed an early 80's one and chucked it on as they rolled out the factory door!