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Mickey the Geek (or, the 'Terminator Salvation' Thread)!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. We all know Mickey's a real geek, but he just messaged me, on his Blackberry thingo, from a theatre where he is watching Terminator, and showing a mate how clever the technology is!!! He said he'll give us a movie review after :LOL:.

  2. micky is hilarious

    Not as funny as Ktulu
  3. Saw terminator tonight, was a ok and fun movie, not great not bad, my reveiw would be tainted by the fact i had my legs crossed for 3/4's of it busting to pee
  4. Terminator Salvation is the best movie ever !!!
    So totally awesome !

    Action all the waaaay !!! Very clever with the whole Terminator manufacturing thing . . . i'd like to see the sequel where the T-X model is made ! ;) :grin:

    Only thing I didn't like about it . . . . it has just made the confusion worse with the whole space-time continuim thing ! with Reese is his dad that is a teenager when he met him and got sent back in time and all that crap ! :LOL:
  5. And old footage used to make a arnie cameo was pretty cool
  6. I think the next Terminator movie should explain how they capture a T-1000 101 and sends it back to the past.

    It was also pretty cool how John Conner pays tribute to G'N'R You Could Be Mine. :grin:

    The movie rocked !!!
  7. better than Transformers???
  8. hmmmm, got a point there ! It could be just a passing fad like my assessment of Wolverine ! :grin:

    Let's say its an epic awesome movie ! . . . just like Snakes On A Plane ! :LOL: (i love that movie)

    Paul, can you change the topic title - make this the Terminator Salvation discussion topic thread !