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Mick Hones Expensive Service?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by xcamx, May 25, 2006.

  1. Hey Gang,

    Just wanted a few opinions.

    Took my bike today to Mick Hones for its minor 5k service.
    When i rang up they quoted me 180-200 which sounded good.

    Went to pick it up and $269, no extra parts or labour just a basic service.

    Mind you i did get a crappy loan bike for a few hours which was 20 bucks.

    Did i get ripped?
  2. That's not an inconsiderable amount especially for a 5k service which is just bread and butter stuff to them. If there are no extraordinary items then I'd be giving them a big query as to what they had to do that ran the bill up. Most distance driven services have an hourly estimate against them. Multiply that by their hourly rate plus fluids and the magical workshop consumables and you have the total amount. Ask them what they based their estimate on and why there was a difference. If you don't ask, you'll get yourself tagged as a soft touch.
  3. They should have furnished you with an itemised account, like most shops do. If they haven't, go back and ask for one.

    But normal services on my 8 year old Hornet usually cost around $300, so I don't think your bill is abnormal.
  4. Don't Suzuki do 1k service then every 6k after that??

    anyways how long have you had the bike, they say 6k intervals or every 6 months which ever comes first..
  5. They will have provided an itemised receipt - they gave me one last week when I put my bike in for its 30,000km service. (I wasn't upset by the amount they charged, by the way.)

    But I'd certainly ask them why their final price differed from the quote, if there were no unusual items.
  6. Mick is a decent enough bloke that I can't imagine trying to intentionally rip you off or anything.
    I would just genuinely ask why the difference, without any sort of attitude...maybe they goofed on their estimate over the phone, or goofed on the final figure. Then check another stores pricing...it might all be about the same for your bike.

  7. Dennis doesn't charge too much. In fact I think that he is cheap and you get what you pay for. I use to take my ZX9 to him until it almost came to stop. When I phoned Dennis up about it he said he could look at it in a few days :eek: couldn't what that long and so I took it to another shop who told me that the air filter had never been cleaned, causing a rich mixture, which fouled the incorrectly graded plugs. Cheap, cheap, crap, cheap. Needless to say I haven't been back. Oh and did he fit a genuine oil filter or use an aftermarket one?
  8. I normally pay about the $200 for minor services on the Blade, but told to expect $370 for the 18,000KM service that is now overdue (not looking forward to the next major one after that!).

    I'd definitely ask them the reason for the higher price and if you're not happy, take it somewhere else next time. I wouldn't argue over $60 when you might need their help in the future.

    But the general concensus of people round here is that MH are OK.
  9. Dennis hasnt been there for about 2 years. Luke is running the show now.

    Have had the SV there and have been happy. They have always looked after me and Mick seems OK. :)

  10. Yeah last service was at least 12 months ago from what previous owner told me. Opting to service at 5 and not 6k was also for piece of mind being a daily rider
  11. INVOICE,

    NGK CR9E PLUGS 20.02
    OIL FILTER 26.30
    IAN-LABOUR 150.00
    SUNDRIES 3.96
    LOAN BIKE 20.00
    MOTUL OIL 49.45

    Total 269.80

    HMM what you think?
  12. The parts and oil are about right. $150 for labour seems a bit much though. I'd be curious to know the hourly rate and time taken to do the service. Something as minor as plugs, filters and oil doesn't take much more than an hour plus some time to take the fairing off and on again. That said, I do all my own servicing bar the valve clearences so maybe that's what time is worth these days. :-k
  13. Dynoverks charge $79 an hour for labour.

    This place, if they took 2 hours to do the job at $75 an hour sounds about right.

    Did you ask why the difference between the quote and the invoice?
  14. did you ask why the hell they put plugs in at 5k, they dont need changing till ~20k
  15. Don't forget to factor in the safety inspection and general checks.
    I just got my service done today and the labour charge was very similar for a basic service plus two tyre fittings.

    EDIT: $128 in labour for oil / brakes / two tires / safety check.
  16. Why does the oil cost so much at these places? Surely they buy it in drums, and it costs them a lot less than it does us. Even buying it yourself though, 5L of some premium motor oil is what, $70? How much does your average bike take, with a new filter? 2L? So where does the $50 for oil come in.? :cry:
  17. I agree with both. I would totally be unhappy with that service invoice and would have refused to pay more than the $200 quoted, unless they showed a reasonable reason for the difference.
  18. The more I look at this, you got ripped...

    Plugs - 12,000km or 24mths. Since you have a '04 Gix are they due? Either way they shouldn't have been replaced without your approval.

    Oil Filter - No due until 18,000 or 3 years. Definantly no requirement

    Oil - 2.8l in a GSX6 so $18 per litre is excessive, even for Motul

    Labour - Take out the filter and plugs, and it should have been 1.2 hrs for oil replacement and inspection of a few items (eg. air filter, fuel line, idle speed, cable play, hoses, chain, and brakes, etc.)

    So, a reasonable invoice should have been something like:

    IAN-LABOUR 95.00
    SUNDRIES 3.96
    LOAN BIKE 20.00
    MOTUL OIL 30.00

    Total 149.96

    Was $66 for a 6K service on my VFR800 back in late 2001, so add in the years and inflation and the $150 comes in about right I would think.
  19. Thanks for the replies guys, I did question the additional amount and they couldn't give me an answer, they basically um'd and ar'd said they had to inspect a few things.

    I'm hoping they did replace the parts on the invoice and didn't totally rip me.

    Mouth i thought oil filters are supposed to be changed every oil change?

    Overall im not impressed by the service of Mick Hone especially after the extra travel and effort to yield their reputation.

    I guess next service i will do some more research and kick up a stink if it comes down to it.

    Thanks again
  20. Plugs:

    Maybe they did need doing, but a phone call to inform you before they were done would have been a good idea

    Oil Filter:

    $26.30 is an expensive oil fliter i think I pay about $10 or so for mine...anyway this should be done with every oil change


    Would be about 2 hours or so...that sounds about right I guess if doing plugs the tank and fairings would have to be removed and refitted


    Assorted clips, cable ties etc...I would expect

    Loan Bike:

    Fair enough

    Motul Oil:

    I think 4 litres of 5100 costs me about $58 or so...your bike may take what 2.5-3 litres...so is probably in line with what you pay at retail per litre

    So take off $20 for loan bike and your at $249.80...I would also take off say $40 fo the labour to do plugs and cost of $20.02 for them to take you down to maybe $190 or so. The only thing I can see wrong is that they didn't call you re: doing the plugs...did you just book it in and ask for the service as per the manufacturers recommendation because if you did they may have done just that...mot making excuses for anybody here just looking at it without accusing anybody of ripping anybody off


    Go and see em in person an explain your situation see what they say...if the having the plugs done was not explained to you maybe ask for the amount of the plugs to be discounted off your next service...