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Mick Hone, Peter Brock's navigator injured!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by LadyYamaha, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. Get well soon Mick!

    The physical injuries will heal sooner than the emotional hurt! So sad to lose the King but would have been tragic to lose a bike legend in a car!

    The King is dead, long live the King!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wishing Mick a speedy recovery.
  3. Pretty ordinary that I had to break the news to his sister :(
    She had no idea till I told her when I started work last night.

    Get well soon Mick
  4. now that is something that should never have happened, as it hit the net so fast they should of been as fast as possible to inform the family members what was going on...I would hate to be giving that kind of information out like you did

    Heres hoping for a speedy recovery for Mick and my condolence to the Brock family and friends…
  5. I was wondering if it was the same Mick Hone. All the best for a speedy recovery.
  6. Definitely one and the same.
    An except from a news report on the Herald-Sun website.....

    Injured mate's call of agony
    Liam Houlihan
    September 09, 2006 12:00am

    IN the moments after the tragic crash, injured co-driver Mick Hone struggled for his mobile phone to call his son.
    "There's been a crash. A bad crash," he told Justin as sirens wailed in the background.

    Justin, 29, was working at the family business -- Mick Hone Motorcycles, in Box Hill -- when he got the call from the other side of the country.

    "(Dad) was speaking incoherently. There was lots of noise from sirens. I could only partly hear him," he said.

    "I said, 'are you OK?' He mumbled, making noises that didn't make any sense."

    The call cut off, but Justin and his five younger siblings were soon relieved to learn their father was in a stable condition, in hospital with broken ribs.
  7. Makes you wonder about press ethics these days in the wake of the news of Steve Irwin's death being released even before his wife knew........

    Get well soon, Mick :)
  8. I was in his shop just after the news came through and I couldn't get served for a while as the phones were running hot with people enquiring about him. This time I can forgive shop staff for ignoring customers.

  9. christ, imagine getting that call :shock:

    then it cutting out
  10. Being a public figure means you lose your anonimity (spelling?) in the world so when something like this happens the information tends to get out a lot quicker.

    If one good comes out of this crash is that Mick Hone is alive and has relatively minor injuries.

    Get well soon Mick in this difficult time from PVDA.
  11. Get well soon Mick.
    Our thoughts are with you.
    Time will heal all physical injuries but the mental scars will stay with you forever :(
  12. gees everyone is dying
    what a sad week its been first steve and now pete
    i hope a speedy recovery to mick
    what a sad week this has been :cry: :cry:
  13. What, Mick Hone's sister? That's surprising, given that Hone had called his son from the car itself. You would have thought that he (the son), would call other family members to let 'em know what was going on.

    Whatever, sad, sad state of affairs all round.

    I just hope that the "rule" of things come in threes is broken.
  14. they wrote it in the papers so it must be true...i doubt that even happend..it just makes for a better story after all what elce are the media good for other than adding there own spin to a story
  15. Mick is a top bloke and I wish him a speedy recovery!

    Look forward to seeing him next time I take the bike in for a service.

  16. Agreed. I'd take that part of the story with a grain of salt. But for us, the story confirmed indeed it is the Mick Hone we know from the Box Hill workshop.
  17. has any one had any updates on how he is going or do we still know nothing ?
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  19. The pictures we showed last night were when Brock was still actually in the car, hands on the steering wheel. Chilling stuff.
  20. :(

    Fairwell to the Legend Peter Brock.

    I wish the Brock family and friends well as they go throught this tought time.

    A great Austalian legend has been lost, but will never be forgotten.

    Speedy recovery Mick, We are all praying for you.