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Michelle Obama - Barracks home country of Kenya

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Apr 7, 2010.

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    So is it Hawaii ? Kenya ? Indonesia ?

    I wonder how the spin doctors will try to cover this up

    you all of course know that to be USA President you must be a natural born citizen of USA

  2. And he's not?

    Conspiracy theorists are everywhere.

    I heard man didn't really land on the moon either.
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    I was born here but my "home" country is Greece (actually Anatolia)
    So does that make me less Aussie?
    All of the European/asian etc desendants of australia have a "home" country not of this place
    Where is your "home" country?
  4. It's Hawaii, There's published birth announcements there...

    I've got a septic on my facebook list I ought to get rid of but every time I get around to it he comes up with another one of these, seriously good value...
  5. Really? I just thought you had to be in favour with the shadowy corporate puppet-masters that run America.
  6. You do need to be a "native born" citizen of the USA to be eligible for President. Since Barack Obama was born in Hawaii (which has been a state of the USA since August 21, 1959 - two years before he was born) then he certainly qualifies.


    Because of his father's nationality he could have chosen to be either a British Subject (there was no such thing as a Kenyan citizen then) or an American.

    Back then he had until he was 21 to decide. To do so he would have needed to renouce his US citizenship as the US did not recognise dual citizenship back then.

    Since he didn't renounce his U.S. citizenship he remains a "native born" US citizen - much to the chagrin of the Republicans and the lunatic fringe.

    In fact it's obvious he's American - Barack Hussein Obama II

    No one else puts a number after their name :)

  7. I don't get this kind of thinking at all. If you were born in Australia, your "home" country should be Australia not Greece!

    Sure you ancestors maybe from greece but it is not your home country.

    My opinion anyway.
  8. agree - I am an Australian not a Russian
  9. You're missing the point, my ancestry is my "home" country yet I have only been there a total of 3 months when I was 8.
    I'm very much Australian and that's the end of it and it's my country of birth but ethnically it's not my home country just like it's not yours.
    Ethnically only the Aboriginals can call this place their "home" country
    Notice "home" is in inverted commas.
    You have got the concept of what I'm saying a bit misunderstood I hope I have cleared it up now.
    I'm also offering up a reason why Michelle Obama may have used that comment the way she did.
  10. ooh, i can just see the right wing nut jobs salivating at this delicious tidbit she has delivered to them. have at it, beck, hannity, limbaugh, et al...

    seriously, GTF over it!

    could it be that some white people don't quite like a black man as their leader?

    2010 and we're going backwards.](*,)
  11. The video's 2 years old too...
  12. duplicate…
  13. …or it could be that some people don't want a "leader" who has an established history of helping **** up the country, and he's continuing to do so. Yee haw. I don't care if he's white, black or orange, if he's a Christian, a Jew, or a Satanist. I don't care if he's married or single, I don't care if he's gay or straight. What I care about in a president is if he's going to defend and uphold the Constitution and act in the best interests of the country within the powers he has (which continue to grow, sadly. The president shouldn't be remembered as anything more important than the answer to a Jeopardy! question). Obama does neither.

    Would I have loooooved for his presidency to be declared void if he turned out to be born overseas? Hell yes, but the sad thing is that the twatwaffle he ran against wasn't much (if any) better.
  14. What established history does a man who, IIRC, was only a first term senator have that qualifies him to **** up the country? I can see only 18mths of a Presidency and he's achieved more in that time than Bush did in 8yrs. If you don't count 2 totally fraudulent wars as achievements. I think it's laughable that a President that took over a country from the Republicans that was totally ruined, mired in massive debt and embroiled in 2 incredibly wasteful wars is then pilloried in the right wing media for not fixing the **** ups that the previous idiot took 8 solid years to create.
  15. nothing to see here.
  16. What qualifies him to have ****ed up the country? He voted for PATRIOT. He did not vote against FISA. He's made it quite clear he doesn't give two shits about the Constitution or protecting the people from out of control government fearmongering at the expense of their civil liberties. He's continuing on with imprisoning people without trial, and his administration has even said that they will continue to imprison people if they're considered "dangerous" even if acquitted of what they were imprisoned for originally. Yeah, that's the kind of ****ing asshole I want in charge of a country.

    I'm glad you pointed out the US was mired in debt before Obama got there, because he's MAKING IT WORSE by spending money the government DOES NOT HAVE.

    WHat has he "accomplished"? He pushed through bad bailouts, and now he's pushed through an astonishingly bad health care bill, and is apparently hell bent on completely destroying the US financially. Before someone starts making stupid assumptions about my views: I am NOT against changes in the health care industry in the US. I'm against BAD changes. Most of the problems in the US health care industry are the fault of Congress in the first place, and now they're trying to fix bad laws with worse ones. Brilliant work, tossbags.

    What's funny is everyone says he's so much better than Bush… he's the same goddamned animal in a different suit. Bush was a poorly-spoken dipshit, Obama is a smooth-talking asshole. I want to make it clear: I loathe Obama, but that doesn't mean I liked Bush. Or Clinton.
  17. You have, thanks for clearing it up.
  18. I guess it depends on what point in history you are choosing as a cutoff point. If it's one generation, I'm Aussie. If it's two, then I'm half Aussie. If it's a couple more then I am not Aussie at all.

    And for Aborigines ("Aboriginal" is an adjective, "Aborigine" is a noun. So appropriate label would be "Aboriginal people" or "Aborigines") the same thing applies. Current knowledge is that they migrated here through Asia from Africa. So they too are "Aussie" unless you look at where they originated from.

    If you look further back than that, well the scourge of humanity has only afflicted the planet for a blink of an eye in relation to the age of the Earth.

    What's my point? Live and let live, we're all natives, we're all migrants.
  19. Well Aborogines have been in AU longer then anybody else and are the original inhabitants of this land and are the only people who can call themselves Australian.

    Everyone else who came to this land after that migrated here in one way or another. The old convicts that came to Australia were forced to come here as the prison system was overflowing in the UK.

    Heck all the European immigrants that came here came on an open invite from the Australian government to work and stay in the country.
  20. I have to say that I get annoyed when people say something like "I'm Italian", when they've never been there, their parents haven't been there, and they don't speak the language. Sorry mate, you're about as Italian as sushi.