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Michelin tire debate - tell me I'm not a moron

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by fozzy, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Excuse the diatribe...

    So today I sauntered down to a certain unnamed motorcycle store very near me to get my VFR's rear Pilot Road 2 replaced before heading off for the snowy ride this weekend. Price was agreed at $299 which I though was fair.

    Wheel disappears downstairs and returns, I have a look and discover they've fitted a Pilot Power. Great tire I'm sure, but I'm after longevity also.

    I tell them it's wrong which they agree, spinning some yarn that the tire had the wrong card on it. I ask again for a Pilot Road 2 and the wheel disappears again. 10 mins later it comes back with a Pilot Power 2CT fitted.

    Again I tried to tell them it was the wrong tire and they try and tell me that it's correct and the Pilot Power 2CT is the updated replacement for the Pilot Road 2 blah blah blah. As it was 5:30 they clearly didn't want to argue any further so I left to do some more research. I'm sure I'm right and the Michelin website clearly lists the Roads and the Powers as 2 very different tires, with the powers being much softer and more of a performance / track day / twisty demon tire which grip like hell and wear out fast. The Road 2s are a longer life sport touring tire.

    They both seem to be available with or without the "2" which designates dual compound.

    Correct??? ](*,)](*,)](*,)

    Perhaps I should keep the Power2 and be thankful for the bargain at their loss, but I want something that will last 12,000Ks plus like the last one did and I doubt very much the Power will. It's also probably a waste anyway as it will far outgrip the Road2 that is on the front. :-s

  2. Power 2ct and Road 2ct are completly different tyres bud. ](*,)
  3. Was pretty sure I'm not a moron.

    So the next question is how on earth can a bike shop screw up something so basic as not knowing the difference between two of what are probably the biggest selling tire on the market?

    Just a rant, but I'm getting sick of going into just about any store and knowing more about their products than they do. I wish for the day that when a salesman doesn't know the answer to your question that he'd just say so instead of making up some bullcrap yarn.

    He told me they go in order from hardest to softest:
    Pilot Power 2
    Pilot Power
    Pilot road 2
    Pilot road

  4. Sounds like they just tried to sell you what ever you have - and succeeded by deception unfortunately.

    If this company (salesman) is so incompetent it's worth a name and shame I think.
  5. Hmmmm, name and shame...

    Let me get it fixed in the morning first, but let's say it's a dealer near me and not the big one - it's the "other one".... 8-[
  6. I once got 10,000km out of a Power 2CT. Maybe it won't be such a bad deal?
  7. Should have asked for a TYRE then you would have got the right one.

  8. Wow. That's pretty dumb. And +1 for getting pissed at sales BS from people who have no idea what they're selling.
  9. A black one at that ](*,)
  10. You reckon poms know more about TYRES thank yanks know about TIRES ?
  11. there is not such thing as a road 2ct

    you have either a power 2ct or a road 2.....and yes to different tyres.....

    Good luck getting it sorted
  12. I ordered a set of Continental Road Attack tyres to replace my Pilot Powers.
    When I went to get them fitted the shop did not have the correct "doovie" to balance my rear wheel so I didn't get the tyres.

    So now I think I'll order a set of 2CT's instead. Someone mentioned 12,000km out of a set :? I'd be happy to get 1/2 that out of a rear :D

  13. i dunno who told you that??? i reckon you will be lucky to see 3-4k on the rear of 2ct the road on the other hand
  14. They don't have one in stock. They assure me it will be here after lunch. 3rd time lucky? I'm not very confident...
    They better chuck me a free tin of chain lube or something for all this! :furious:
  15. What on, a shopping cart? That is a good effort on anything the least bit sporty =D>
  16. On my Speed Triple. It was down to the metal though, and I got a lashing from Charlie at Turn One for letting it go that far. But Michy's do wear really well, especially the dual compound stuff.
  17. Well that's all a bit confusing. Another reason for me not to buy Michelins.
  18. I was scraping to get 5000 out of mine but they are a good tyre.
  19. Anyone fitting tyres will know that Road 2 and Power 2CT are totally different compounds. Sounds to me like they didn't have what you wanted so tried (succesfully) to annoy you into taking whatever they had. I'd be pretty pissed off about it if I was you.

    Now the important question..... Did they replace the front or rear????? The reason I ask is that if you can't run matched tyres then the front needs to be stickier than the rear. If they put power on the front and left road on the rear then it will be safe enough but if you've got road on the front and power on the rear then you will increase the odds of losing front end grip in a corner.

    If a rear loses grip first you'll have a chance to save it, but if the front is first to slide then you're pretty well stuffed. Sticky tyre should be the front for this reason. :)
  20. They finally sorted it out after getting the correct hoop from their supplier via same day courier. Didn't arrive until 4.30 though meaning I was getting pretty anxious about leaving for the Snowy early tomorrow.

    They were kind enough to give me $4.95 discount off a tin of chain lube for my 3 trips and 2 hours wasted. What a joke.

    At least the guy who served me this morning knew what he was on about and was slightly embarrassed and annoyed...

    I'll be sending the manager a letter.