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Michelin Power 'Pures

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Rogues, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. Intended to put new hoops on while on the road trip.......organised for PR2's but lets just say, at the deathknock there was a hiccup which left few alternatives.
    So....... Power Pures now grace the feet of the 'Black biatch'.......not too sure about them to be honest8-[......ran up and down the 'Nasho' 'Macq pass, 'Kangaroo Valley & the 'Oxley so far plus approx 1000k's of highway mileage and can only say this at this point...............

    Supposedly Power Pures are replacing the current 'Powers.... and I'm led to believe, PR2's as well[-( (dont like that idea)........the 14 is a big heavy biatch at 250kg wet and I'm well aware that the longevity of these tyres is probably not going to be as good as the PR2's.

    *Agility on the run does seem better, Michelin spruik the lighter weight as a selling point and tip-in does appear to be more lively to the touch....

    *Grip seems fine, did not expect anything less... mind you I havent tried them on wet roads on any consequence so will hold my opinion there.........

    *Michelin quote a wider, soft compound shoulder to the 'Pures' for better adhesion at lean and I cant complain about that......... what I do wonder though is the softness of the carcass. It could be just the different style of feedback from the front hoop but I tend to find shes moving on me, getting squirrelly in the corners...... almost feels like the tyre is rolling/distorting on the rim at serious lean:-s..... a problem I never had with PR2's.

    My initial thoughts after 1800k's.... I'd swap them for PR2's tomorrow if I could:-({|=.......... my thinking is they are probably a better tyre for light sporties than a big arsed biatch with tyre shredding torque but I shall refrain from final judgement for a while longer and let you know down the track on the tyre life of Michelins new rubber wonder...........

  2. They are not replacing the Pilot Road 2 but are replacing the Pilot Power 2CT if I recall correctly.
    I have had a set on for the last 2000km and have been impressed. Did a 1500km 3 day road trip through northern NSW and my confidence grew in them as the trip went on. I agree with your thoughts on the softer carcass. They move a little under very hard braking or acceleration, but have found that I have gotten used to it. Also my Speed Triple isn't quite as heavy as your bike. Outright grip has been awesome though. Couldn't get them to spin up at all on corner exits where it would with Pilot Powers. Waiting to see how longevity goes but so far about the same as I was getting from Pilot Power 2CTs.
  3. I have one on the rear on the striple (power 2ct front which will be replace with a pure once it's done). ****ing awesome! highly recommended.
  4. nice, my old man has 2 on the way for his ktm 690 smc, looks like it was a good choice.
  5. What pressures you running?
  6. I guess you're talking to me mate........ 36F , 40-42R....... doubt if its air pressure, just seems a little unsure of itself when cranked over......... havent qite had a sphincter puckering moment yet but..... come close :(
  7. I run 34F 38R usually. The tire does seem to have a soft carcass as even with the 48PSI the rear had in it when the dealer fitted it my mate said he could see the tire shape change slightly when my 100kg sat on the bike so much so that he thought I might have a puncture. The soft carcass does help to soak up the bumps. I haven't had any uneasy moments but you can feel when pushing very hard that the tires squirm a little bit more than some others I have used on this bike (Dunlop Qualifier and Metzeler M3).
  8. Ive just scrubbed in a set on the Blade. Running 34f 36r as i did with the normal powers. Looking forward to really trying these puppies out. :biker:

    PS... Bout ****ing time you starteed typing again Roarin :D
  9. Ive recently picked up a set for my daytona 675. The bike had the Pirelli Diablo SuperCorsa SP's as OEM. Seriously sticky rubber, only problem i did find with them is because the whole tyre is a soft compound every bit of road debris would stick to them etc.

    I love these new michelin's - seem to handle extremely well, very similar to the pirelli's performance wise. Seem to offer just as much grip and the bike is very agile and turns in nicely. The harder compound in the middle is good, doesnt pick up all the crap off the road and shoot stones everywhere. Braking and acceleration grip seems just as good as well. Sould hopefully wear well, too. 34f, 36r here.
  10. Got a set on the Gixxer, replacing P/P's (great tyres), running F36, R38, same as P/P's. Done about 600-700 km now. Feel different from P/P's, took some getting used to, bike turns in and changes direction faster/easier, and bike actually feels like it accelerates faster. Grip feels about the same. to sum up I love em!
    cheers George.
  11. Just a bit of an update to my thinking.............I will re-iterate, I think these hoops would excel on a lighter bike, but they are definitely squirrelly on the heavy, torquey 14.......

    Grip in the dry is extremely good, as is tip-in.......... my analysis is though, these tyres just dont like damp,greasy conditions.... and a riding buddy of mine on a ZX12R seems to concur........
    we ran the oxley today in a spirited fashion, grip in the dry sections was bloody great, but as soon as we appeared to hit the damp, shadowed corners... or the greasy sections, both bikes seemed to get quite nervous.
    My impression.......dry weather tyre!
  12. Hmmm. They sound a bit like the old Pilot Sports then (wet weather grip.)
  13. Have you frequented any Busa forums? re, tyre life/etc on your type of bike.
    From reading the many other favorable comments on the tyre, it may indeed not be suited to something so big/tourquy?

  14. I found they held up really well on the track. Quite a sticky feeling tyre. Light and agile is how the bike feels with them on. Only done 600k's on them so far but quite happy.
  15. Anyone got these bad boys on a supersport? I'm tossing up between these and Dunlop Qualifier Q2s. I'm coming off Dunlop GPR-alpha-11s which were fine but I didn't get to the track nearly as much as I had planned and that won't change unti I get a van so I'd like slightly better mileage out of mt next tyre. Not so sure the Q2 will give me that.
  16. Pnuckle runs Pures on his CBR1000RR, I'm running Q2's on my Superduke...both are great tyres but looking at the wear rates from our track day together I would say the Pures would probably last longer
  17. Are you also considering I4 v V2 torque characteristics bamm-bamm?
  18. Well I just placed the call I'm having these fitted on Saturday and then heading for the hills. I'll be out at the track in June too, so I will report back with pics of wear etc etc.
  19. Just put a set on my K1 GSXR 1000, I went with the 190/55 rear too. Very impressed with the turn in and side grip compared to the Power 2CT's that I had before. The hard centre strip is smaller and the soft sides are bigger than the old tyres, and you can really tell the difference when getting on the gas out of corners, where the 2Ct's were good on thier side but started to slide as you picked the bike up and drove hard, these grip well all the way through. I'd recommend them. A mate is also thoroughly enjoying a set on an R6 track bike.
  20. I've done 600km on my gsx-r600 k7 with these and I am very impressed with these tyres given that I was told I should get 8-12,xxx kms out of them. Taking them to the track in 2 weeks which will be the real test.