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Michelin Pilot Series Tyres - how much?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. I need a new set of tyres for the Blackbird. So I called the local Honda dealer. He quoted me around $330 for a rear Pilot Road 2 and about $230 for a front. Pilot Powers were a bit dearer. Then someone suggested Pilot Sports so I looked it up. There are a couple of variants it seems. There is the PS and a PS HPX


    I've not heard of the Sport before. Just wondering a couple of things. Firstly, anyone here purchased new tyres recently and if the Pilot range, how much did they cost you for 180 series/120 series tyres?

    And secondly, if the Pilot Sports what do you think of them? The website blurb suggests that the HPX range is more suited or designed for heavier sports tourers such as the B'bird, ZX12 and Hayabusas.

  2. I *thought* that the Pilot Sports were the old tyre, before the Road or the Power.... I may be wrong.

    I got my Road 2's fitted for under $500.
  3. The prices quoted are the right RRP prices.

    Any pilot sport tyres still around will be old old stock and have hard crappy rubber. When new, they were ok once warmed up, but are definitely inferior to the tyre that replaced them, the pilot power.

    Most folk are going with the dual compound variants.

    Pilot powers will square off rapidly if you do a lot of commuting. The pilot roads are better from this respect and the PR2's have a ~30% stickier side so gives you extra grip when leaned over.
  4. It is amazing that the Sports haven't been removed from the line up. Someone must still be buying them, or they have lots of old stock.

    I was surprised when I looked up the Michelin site yesterday and it recommended Pilot Powers or Pilot Sports. Not even Pilot Power 2CT ! But then, the site also recommended the wrong size tyre for a Ducati Mutlistrada 620, so perhaps it isn't as well maintained as it should be.

    Get the Pilot Road 2, for their good longevity and performance balance. You need both out in Gippsland.

    EDIT: Should be about $500 +/- $25 fitted, from recent experience.
  5. $299 for the pilot road from my local kwaka dealer just the other day.
    It was the rear tyre.
  6. Thanks for the replies, folks. Looks like PR2s are the go, then.
  7. Hey Rob, you should see my PRs! The back one has almost sharp corners where it's "squared off"!!!
  8. Martin the blue shop in Sale fitted my PR2's (3 months or so apart) 180 rear was $305 and 120 front was $220. Front was about mid Nov last year.

    EDIT: And I'm very happy with them so far. Rear has done 3000k and still looks new. Front has 2000k and has only just scrubbed off the pimples. They do need a few k's to come up to temp if you're using the sides though.
  9. PS have had good deals on roadsmarts recently
  10. Traralgon Honda quoted me nearly $600 a pair, fitted. I rang Middlemess and spoke to Glenn who said "around $500, fitted".

    I'll go over tomorrow and see what he's got and see if he can fit them on the spot.
  11. I'm pretty happy with the Roadsmarts. They don't last quite as long as the Pilot Roads, but they are just as grippy and a bit cheaper.
  12. What are "Roadsmarts" and how much is "PS" (presumably Peter Stevens) flogging them for?

  13. NR LINK

    PR2's for me though :wink:
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  15. Martin, if your PR's have squared off, then you DEFINITELY DO NOT WANT PP's!!!
  16. took the rear wheel off (2 min. job) and took it over to Morwell Kawasaki (Glenn Middlemiss). He fitted a PR2 for me, cost $300.

    I put it back on then went to bed for nightshift. Shall go for a quick spin when I get up later today.

    Will get the front one done next week when I get time. Looking forward to taking her out for a long run in a coupla weeks' time, too. Interesting to see how a 1,700km ride will wear the new tyres.
  17. Update: Fittled PR2s front and rear. Total cost, $510.

    So far they feel good. Have yet to scrub them in properly, which will happen next week as I commute to work.
  18. They'll be fine :wink:
  19. Expensive :(

    But you will love them once scrubbed in.

    I fitted mine 2 days before Tassie and scrubbed them in between Devonport & Beaconsfield :)

    Yes Cam, the second time around :p
  20. What could I have gotten them for and where?

    You must have one of those amphibious Beemers, if you could ride it from Beaconsfield down to Devonport. Wouldn't it have been easier to simply take the ferry?