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Michelin pilot road 3

Discussion in 'Tyres' at netrider.net.au started by Whitie, Mar 17, 2011.

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  2. Not recomended for Blackbird, Hyabusa or GSX 1400, and there is another one I cant think of, These bikes are too heavy and powerful for these tyres.
    Another forum I am on, gives the reasons why,
  3. really... because their are to many groves and the tyre deforms and moves about, gets chewed up ??
  4. Deadman is correct, they do not recommend them for the big bikes, however they are a great tyre on the blackbird nonetheless. PR2's, 12-15000 km life, great grip, just get a little out of shape towards the end of life is all.

    I hope PR3's are just as good.

  5. Deadman,.......... would be interested in that 'other forum' writeup mate, especially since the guys on the GSX1400 forum are starting to prick their ears up about these 'new' PR3's

    Might make someone a little more cautious before going wild on the 'next best thing'

    Myself... I cant go past the PR2's... just wish the 14 didnt chew them up quite so quickly.
  6. facebook.com.Michelin pilot road 3

    Eric Leger post.

    Are these tyres suited for the Blackbird, Busa, GSX 1400 and a couple of others,

    I have run Metzler Z 6's for 47,000 kays and now I run Z 8's Upgraded Z 6's,
    I have averaged between 10,000 and 15,000 kays to a rear, They have never slipped once, Its my life on the line, I dont put shonky tyres on my Missile,

    Just me, I run 40 40,
    Two up I run 42 42,
    Gives a nice even wear through out the life of the tyre,

    The Z6's dont deform either, I have only done 3000 kays on the new Z 8's, So I cant tell you much about them, Till I start riding again,
  7. How did these go Whitie? The TRX needs some new rubber...
  8. A friend fitted PR3s to his K1200Gt a couple of days after I renewed my PR2s on my K1200GT. We have ridden the same distance (~4000km) in the same area, we corner and ride very similar speed and style when together.

    My PR2s are wearing fine, no distortion or feathering. The outboard 1/3rd of both the front and back tyres on his bike are 'bubbling', indicating rubber stress or overheating under cornering/acceleration.

    I'll hold judgement on changing to PR3s for the time being.
  9. im not holding my breath either.. straight after I got them I went down to 12 apostles..

    I gave them a good run with heavy braking.. The front has feathered way to fast for my liking..If you run ya hand down the front of the front tyre it is smooth, rub your hand back the other way its feathering .... The rear has started to do the same but not to the same extent..

    Ive done about 1200k on them and im off to Canberra and back the twisty way via khancoban over easter, the shop has told me to come back after that run to see if they have "settled down",, If they are worse they mays ask a michelin rep to have a look at them...

    On a hot day with some enthsiastic riding these tyres wont last long..
  10. Just spoke to my local bike shop, PR3's same price as PR2's & it looks like the 3 will supercede the 2...

  11. I just ordered some PR3's for $366 delivered from Jake Wilson. They will arrive around the 21st (roughly). Eager to replace the factory tyres cause they are SO crap...
  12. Well I went up the Hume from Melbourne to Canberra...... BOOOOORING !!!

    But on the way back I ventured from Canberra to Khancoban to Myrtleford over Mt Hotham to Omeo, down to Bairnsdale and back up to Melbourne...... 16 deg, blue skys and hardly any traffic.... WONDERFUL !

    The PR3's did really well, After the initial feathering/scolloping on the front it seems to of setteled down. Which is nice to see. The rear has kept its shape thanks to the soft compound on the sides and it shows sign that is copped a bit of abbuse. As you would expect on those roads :)

    Im happy with them now the front seems to of setteled down...

    Anyone else using them ?
  13. Thanks for the review Whitie. Looking in to getting a pair of these down the track after giving the Z6s a go next. Let us know the total mileage you end up getting from each tyre after you're thru with them.
  14. I'll be putting a pair on the 9R this Saturday if all goes well.

    The PR2's and 3's are about the same retail price at the moment.

    Anyone with any more experience with these tyres. My finger nail test tells me that the PR3's are softer than the PR2's... which should mean better grip, more wear...
  15. I've got the 1's on ATM, looking to try the 2's next week as my bike is a daily... Pending what damage the mechanic finds after being rear ended this afternoon :s
  16. I had PR2s on my blackbird and they handled really well on it but after a run to QLD and back via the B roads the tyres were feathered like crazy and had pitting all over the sides. I figured that it was the duel compound doing it's job, the center was nice and hard but the sides tore up.

    I'm looking at getting another ST soon so I'm interested to hear about the PR3s.
  17. Rob'... I assume I misunderstand you mate,.......... I doubt very much you'll get better longevity with these over PR2's, better- or as good as, grip... but I think they are going to wear out a bit quicker myself
  18. Did I bollocks my words? We have the same view mate.

    Softer rubber provides more grip. The shop I was at today had PR2's and PR3's side by side... PR2's felt harder which tells me they'll last longer than the PR3's but won't be as grippy.

    I also read that PR3's have a lighter construction, meaning less rotational inertia so more flickable... does this mean that they'll be less puncture resistant?
  19. My PR2's have about 11,000km on them and the front is just feathering enough to book replacements. About 3mm left on the front, same on the rear, so I'm replacing them with PR2s. With a 1600GT on order I won't have the bike long enough to start faffing around with PR3s, especially the way they've gone on my mate's bike :(
  20. My PR2s have been great in the 6000 odd km of daily traffic and weekend blats. Plenty of tread left and handle great in the wet. If the PR3s are a bit stickier but handle the wet as well as the PR2s i may get them next.