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Michelin Pilot Powers going cheap

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by E2W, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. I have stock of Michelin Pilot Powers that I want off the shelf to make way for new stock so Im letting them go a bit cheaper than normal. I'll do a pair of Powers in sizes 120/70/17 with a 180 or 190 rear for $450 plus free fitting. That's close to $100 off the normal retail price that I'd sell and fit them for. I'll run this offer until the current stock is gone or to the end of January which ever comes first.

    If your interested ring Pete at Everything Two Wheels 03 9077 7312 and grab yourself a bargain.

  2. Bugger. Wish I was still in Melb! Got a track day at Oran Park on Monday, and these would be perfect!
  3. I'm up for new rubber soon, will probably take you up on this offer.
  4. Best be quick! I have 4 fronts in 120/70/17, 3 rears in 180/55/17 and 1 rear in a 190.
  5. I thought chickens went cheep!
  6. straight powers.... or 2ct?
  7. It will be straight powers at $450 which on this side of the city is about what they go for anyways
  8. Just Power's. Who else is doing a pair of powers for $450 fitted? Thats bloody cheap if there not on sale or special.
  9. I'm just a nice fella and thats what I pay perhaps. Since Stevo's done them at that price 12mths ago i've never paid any more. $490 for 016's will blow your mind then huh?
  10. G'day where do you get 016's for $490, they are around $600 here in the country? cheers George:confused:
  11. 016 front 120/70/17 $220 - 016 rear 180/55/17 $353 - plus fitting make $600 about right.

    If PNUCKLE can pick them up for $490 its through a mate who works in a bike shop (or Bridgestone) doing him a favour not a dealer doing deals.
  12. I thought they were on special from Gas atm?
    maybe that was last month.
  13. There was a compitition to win a new bike over the past few months but that has now ended. Prices were normal full retail.
  14. I get them from a dealer but the dealer recognises i will be back in 4000-6000 kms so they win in the end anyways
  15. Which dealer lets them go for $490
  16. Yeah let me know to Pnuckle... Im due for a set and would love to pay $490!!!!
  17. Not saying who on here. Part of my deal.[-(

    Not saying anymore cos you are trying to run a business yourself and put food on your table :biker: