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Michelin Pilot Power

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jho, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. Hi has anyone had any experience with these? i'll need to get a new front tyre when I pick up my new purchase. Currently has the Michelin pilot sports on it, but ringing the bike shop, the guy said they were superceded by the Pilot Power for about 1 yr now?.. price is $215 fitted for the front.

  2. I have recently put powers on the back and front of the Duke and it loves it. They are the best things I have ridden on.
    Great grip and warm quickly. Have not ridden in the wet yet but have been told they work almost as well as the pilot roads.
    Cannot say about longevity yet, only had them on for about 400 k.
    One thing I have found out, run them nice and hard. For my bike I have been told to go 36 psi front and 39 - 42 rear (all cold pressure)
  3. I've been running powers for the last year or so and have found them to be a great tyre their warm up is very quick as well. They seem to wear slightly better then the old sports version to. Price sounds spot on to.
  4. I have been running Powers on my VFR since 2004. They have excellent wet-weather grip, warm up quickly, and are super stable at high lean (unlike Pilot Roads).

    They also definitely last longer than the old Pilot Sports, and don't square off as much. I just changed both my front & rear powers, having gotten about 12,000km out of them (mostly commuting, unfortunately). I don't ride so hard that my tyres scrub out at like 5,000km, but then I use my Viffer for all sorts of riding. 12,000km may seem like a like, but in reality that's six months for me. It is interesting though, that I get to the edge of the rear tyre with little effort but the front tyre has a good half inch of unused rubber. I guess that's a good thing because it means I have a buffer zone!

  5. I have been running powers on the triple now for about 5,550 kms and the rear is nearly shagged, although a few silly antics don't help, pressures have been 32 front 34 rear.
    I'll definately be sticking with the powers unless something even better comes along.
  6. Hey guys.. u all rock :)..

    the current rear looked like it had some meat left.. I should have much problems running the "sport" on the rear and the new "power" on the front right? or should I change the rear one as well?
  7. If the rear still has life in it keep it on, you should have no probs with the power on the front other than the quicker warm up time and better wet grip.
  8. slightly off-topic but can you put your bike details in your profile jho, that way i can see if your bike is a 250cc/600cc etc and judge how much i'm looking at for my tyre size :wink:
  9. Id get them both changed and put the sport thats on it now in the shed. Theres nothing like 2 new tyres on a bike. Once the rear power is stuffed, put the sport back on. That shold just about see off your power front which means you can then get 2 newies again :)
  10. Pilot Powers rock! they're great in the wet and awesome in the dry. I got 3500ks out of my 1st set,both front and rear were shagged (just go my 2nd set a week ago) and run 34-34 psi. 39+psi in the rear is not real conducive for big monos though,so if thats your thing i wouldnt go that high,its like riding on a ball when on one wheel :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Out of interest, can you get them for two fiddys?
  12. Sorry slyfox but I don't have my bike yet! haha.. I'll be picking it up tommorrow.. but yeah its for a 2001 Honda CBR 600 F4i..
    120/70 F
    180/55 R i think are the tyre specs..
  13. i'm pretty sure they dont make em in those sizes matey,but i used to run Dunlop GPR70s on my 250s and 400 i had (many years ago) they were awesome tyres for the small bikes :wink:
  14. I dont think they do.

    Run GPR70's. If they made em in sizes to fit a thou thats what Id be using. By far the best tyre Ive ever had the pleasure of using.
  15. Different tyres suit different bikes, of course.
    What is right for your bike might not necessarily work with another.
  16. FRONT
    110/70 ZR 17*
    120/60 ZR 17
    120/65 ZR 17*
    120/70 ZR 17*
    150/60 ZR 17*
    160/60 ZR 17
    170/60 ZR 17*
    180/55 ZR 17
    190/50 ZR 17

    These sizes are straight off the Michelin website. You should be able to get most of them even if you have to order.
  17. Well the fella asking about the Powers is getting a sportsbike 600,so the powers will work excellent on it and the GPR70s are designed to be used on 250s and 400s so your point is not valid in this particular conversation :wink:
  18. :wink:
  19. linenoise, in regards to tyres for a 250 I would go past the Dunlop GPR 70 & try a set of Dunlop GPR 100s. I have a set of these on my VFR400R & would have to say they are the best tyres I have ridden on, bar none. So far I have put 5,300 kms on them & they look about 1/2 worn. And before I get all the smart comments about riding like a granny then I will point out the fact that I have worn the retracting spring off the side stand & made a fairly decent attack on the pivot. So they certainly don't lack in side grip :D They have a triangular profile which gives an excellent light turn in as well as a decent sized contact patch once over on the side of the tyre. I think they are available in sizes from 120 up to 150 in 17 & 18 inch. You will have to get them ordered in & certain shops will tell you they aren't available. I also have a set of Pilot powers on my VFR750 & would rate the GPR's as slightly better in regards to feedback once you start getting near the limit & a slightly better profile (easier to turn in) Wear seems better on the Dunlops as well. Can you tell I quite like them? :D
    P.S. When I bought the 400 it had a brand new Michelin Hi sport on it. This lasted aprox 3000kms & wasn't a patch on the GPR 100. Which gives you an idea of how it's ridden :D :D
  20. I've just been informed that theres like an australia wide shortage of the Powers?!? for like 3 -4wks? is this guy pulling my leg?