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Michelin Pilot Power - plz recommend a shop

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by erewego, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. I want to get a set fitted.

    Can anyone recommend a place that does good deals?
    I've not called around yet. I was thinking of getting a few places then calling
  2. im in sydney but just got a set for $400 fitted to rims from action mc. is action down in vic too??
  3. Let your fingers do the walking.
  4. I've not called around yet. [-X
    Try Dandy Motorcycles. I know they have quite a few of em in stock.
    Ph 9793-3758. Ask for Toni, tell her Vinnie sent ya :wink:
  5. $400 a set fitted is really cheap. most places I have heard of is $490. That was why I was asking for recommended places.
    unfortunately action closed shop here a few years ago
  6. Try Road and River in the Geelong area.
  7. yep,great price. they are having a special.
    thats fitted to rims off the bike,they charge more if you bring the bike in.
  8. Go to Intyre Motorcycles.

    By far the best customer service I've had in many years. They're up in Nicholson st, North Fitzroy.
  9. I use Bob Jane in Elizabeth St. I work across the road from them so it is handy to use them. I think their prices are fair but I do not bother shopping around to save a few dollars as they are just so easy to use.
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  11. Come in and see me at Yamaha City workshop, I'll give you a good deal :wink:
    26 Guildford Lane Melbourne.
  12. Thanks Caz !! :)

    i'm right in the city too so its double convenient.

    prob get you to repair my scooter as well laterz

    When you say a good deal, I hope you mean a good deal for me :p
    will see you soon

  13. +1
  14. + 2 for Intyre
    Just got new tyres fitted today at Intyre Motorcycles. Service is great; Andrew is very helpful and gave me a 10% discount (which was about $30 cheaper than the next best quote).
    City West Yamaha were less than helpful - when I called for a quote they said they didn't have any tyres to fit my rear rim (18") and they obviously couldn't even be bothered looking to see what would fit. Considering a couple of forum members work there, I was very disappointed at the lack of interest.
  15. Intyre, Bob Jane, Race Replica, Metro Honda, Your local fish shop, they will all have tyres but don't expect people here to get prices for you.

    Grab the phone and start calling or start sending emails.

    Incidently Caz, emmuch for a set of Pilot Powers for the K1200R. Rear is a 190 ;)