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Michelin Pilot Power 3

Discussion in 'Tyres' at netrider.net.au started by Spiritech, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. As many of you know I am stuck on a LAMS bike for a significant period of time. I am unwilling to invest in another sportier LAMS bike given it's approximately 18 months til big boy time so I decided to put tyres which absolutely do not suit my CB500X at all on it.

    The previous tyres were Pirelli Scorpion Trail Rs (90% road 10%off) tyres. And for what I wanted before I started hammering twisties, these were ok. If you push them they just mush up,tear up and then give up on the rear. Toward the end of the tyre's life (11kkm) I was used to the rear giving up and just riding the slide.

    I have replaced them with a pair of PP3s, yes proper sports bike tyres on an adventure tourer. The guys at the bike shop laughed, but also mentioned it wasn't the first set of sports tyres they'd fitted to a similarly styled bike. My first outing as some of our northern cousins such as hornethornet will remember was I turned up for a ride up the black spur with new tyres in the wet.

    The PP3s held up great all the way up to Healesville, it was only once I got to the spur I really realised how much more grip these new tyres supplied even in the wet. I was not pushing hard as I believe in gradual increases when changes are made to any system.

    Roads dried up later that day and I had a good time on Whanregawan Road(as TEC). I was seriously impressed by the wet grip, and as I remarked on the day the difference between the two compounds is noticeable to the point you feel it.

    This week I followed Greg up the usual Epic route and did both spurs. Rear is now scrubbed to the edge, with hard use to the first "lean marker" on the tyre, front is scrubbed to second lean marker with light usage to first lean marker. It was good to ride a regular route with the new tyres as I brought my route knowledge which increased confidence. I did not once have the rear step out on me over the entire route, the edge compound is so sticky that if you are not an idiot and corner properly it is very difficult to spin up the rear. Toward the end of the day there was a noticeable step in the compound join on the rear with the outer compound wearing much faster.

    This is a report with approx 600 km on the tyres so it is not possible to ascertain longevity yet. I will report in a few thousand KM.
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