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Michael Schumacher to MotoGP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by James_A, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. From mcnews
    "F1 legend Michael Schumacher is set to make his GP debut on two wheels... Apparently the German will race at Jerez, Sachsenring and Catalunya, three circuits he knows well from his F1 days. Schumacher will ride a Ducati and is currently training for his three wildcard MotoGP outings."

    I say good on him IF it is true. I hope he does well. I didn't quite like him as a driver (I was a Senna man) never the less he was one of the greatest (if not the greatest)
    One thing is sure -if he does compete- it won't be for the money, just passion. All of a sudden I like the bloke a lot more :)

  2. I'd like to see his new helmet design.
    The chin strap arrangement would be an engineering marvel !
  3. If you liked Senna I can't see how you couldn't have liked Schumacher; they were both dirty, dangerous, and nothing resembling a sportsman :roll:.
  4. I think this story was first published on a spanish website, on their equivalent of april fools day - and therefore complete rubbish http://www.motogpmatters.com/
  5. Maybe, but he did ride OK.....

    Multiple MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi has said he was impressed seeing Michael Schumacher testing with the Ducati MotoGP team at Valencia at the start of November. Schumacher was only five seconds of the pace compared to pole position man Dani Pedrosa.

    Rossi said about Schumacher's test in Valencia with Ducati: "I was told he completed his laps in 1,37's which is unbelievable. He was really fast. If Schumacher was a bit younger he could have tried a career move into MotoGP I'd say!"


    Birthday : 3 January 1969
    Height : 1.74m
    Weight : 74.5 kg

    IMHO, too old and too heavy??
  6. Dim is 100% right, mcnews removed it from their web site. Total BS.
    It's ok, I'll keep hating him then LMAO
  7. In equal cars Senna would have whipped Schumacher's arse any day.
    I agree the story is BS but would love to see a computer rematch between the two drivers ala Rocky Balboa (yes I admit I have seen it!)
  8. +1

    Agree 100% with Hornets statement.
  9. haha yea, I mean thats why between both of them they practically hold all of the records in formula one . . .
  10. Does that include the record for intentionaly running people off the road to garentee a series win?
  11. hmmm well senna had suzuka in 1990 (or was it 89?) and shcuey had Jerez 1997 so yes they actually tied for that one!

    edit: hang on shcuey wins that one, I forgot about adelaide 95

    na I never liked shcuey but he was a good driver, but now my man Kimi has finally taken control, if only he had one it in a mclaren then I would have been happy.
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    Let's not forget that Senna did it but to the same guy (Prost) that had taken him out on the year before under the exact same circumstances. I call that payback and love it to bits. I'm brazilian but not as biased as you might think, I've always been a much bigger fan of other Brazilian drivers, esp Nelson Piquet (3xW.Champion) and Emmerson Fittipaldi (twice) instead. Schummy and Senna were pretty much alike. Both geniuses but with very little charisma.

    Now, if this is not sportsmanship I don't know what it is!!!

  13. It is not possible to make your motorcycle racing debut in moto gp. If it was, we would all do it.
  14. That's certainly true .... and I fell for it.

    But the rumours have resurfaced, based on the fact that Schumi has been spending a fair bit of time on a bike lately. I think it's unlikely, in a practical sense it would be almost impossible for him to be competitive; yes he can ride within 5 seconds of a GP rider, but the general consensus within racing circles is that literally thousands of riders could achive those times (given the technology of new bikes), but it's the next 5 seconds that are everything.
  15. Well not quite MotoGP.....

    Remember those rumors that Michael Schumacher was gearing up to race motorcycles? Well, despite the initial denials, the retired seven-time F1 champion surprised crowds at the Pannonia-Ring in Hungary by showing up on the grid for a motorcycle race.

    The paddock was filled largely by amateur riders, but Schumacher was joined in his appearance by IDM (German Superbike) champion Martin Bauer on 1000cc Honda Superbikes and fellow IDM rider Andy Meklau. On his motorbike racing debut, Schumacher took pole despite only running a few practice laps beforehand, but opted to start the race with the IDM pros who were handicapped with back-of-the-grid starting positions. That didn't stop the seasoned trio from dominating the event, however, as they filled the podium, Schumi coming in third. (Schumacher, however, shied away from the limelight by not attending the podium ceremony.) Although Schumi's lap times were six seconds slower than the IDM pair, he was some 0.6 seconds faster than the rest of the field. Not bad for his first race. Not too bad at all.

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  17. Thanks Loz

    Schoey's sure got a crap life hasn't he :p

    "It was a nice surprise yesterday when I received the sudden offer to come to Mugello today,†Michael said. “And despite the difficult weather conditions it was again big fun to ride the Ducati. But I repeat it very clearly that I have no intention at all to step into any kind of MotoGP competitions.â€
  18. Could not have put it any better myself.
  19. At the gp where Senna died, he was in front of Schuey.
  20. So what? They were in different cars. That really doesn't mean anything.

    On any given day Schu would beat Senna and then the next day Senna would beat Schu. Each was better than the other in different areas. They would probably both be in the top half dozen of all time but it's very difficult to separate from there.