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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jd, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. They seem to be following me at the moment. There's what appears to be an infestation of them at work at the moment, with one dead one in the middle of the tearoom today, and another peering at me from under the fridge.

    Also seem to now have them at home at the moment too, finding one in my pantry this afternoon. Did learn two things from that encounter though. Firstly, mice aren't that smart - as I was able to grab its tail whilst it was "hiding" from me behind a packet of rice noodles. Second, my cat is even less intelligent - since I had to smack it in the nose with said mouse several times before it figured out WTF was going on (of course once disposed of the cat still acted all smug about it). Of course I have since set a trap in the pantry, to see if any more free cat food should eventuate.

    Anyone else having mouse problems at the moment, or am I just particularly unlucky?

  2. a mate of mine out in west qld has a mouse problem too.
    have heard the same from a few people
  3. Shouldn't have killed to many kittens...
  4. Killed one a few nights ago at my parents place. Fun & games till we caught it.
  5. Cats - 10%.
    Traps - 5%.
    Ratsack (or similar) 99%.

    Do a big clean up, remove all the stuff they can easily / reasonably eat, and then put baits in the places where you found the most mouse droppings. Wait 3 days, repeat - wait 4 days, and repeat again. Wait a week and do another big clean up to get rid of all the dead mice. Leave one or two baits out in what used to be the most favoured mouse meeting areas to be sure.
  6. get rid of water sources nearby, they'll travel to water and come back for food. I do believe aspirin + Water works on mice as well, but i could be mistaken.
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    I have a huge problem at the moment! Little feckers are everywhere. Came into the kitchen yesterday evening and one scampered out of my bloody toaster!

    I've got an electric trap, a 'rat zapper', which used to work brilliantly, but it's died in the arse. Bought some spring traps today, but now I remember why I bought the electric one. Country mice are smart :shock: - all the bait is gone and not one trap went off.

    Currently trying a homemade bucket trap. Got one so far.

    Edit: I just rembered this youtube vid: [media=youtube]orOVmeiYLUc[/media]
  8. What were you using?
    I had them eat peanut butter off it with no dramas, so i actually put it on there and then in the fridge to dry out, so it was just as tempting, but the lil sucker had to pull on it hard, and SNAP!
  9. Good suggestion but flawed with a house cat in the area, mouse eats bait , cat eats mouse ... cat dies too !

    So you think you all have a mouse problem ? My bike now resides in the lounge room, surrounded by 3 guard cats.
    Would easy get 20 mice a day in the workshop, and for everyone you see up here there is 20 you don't.
    All I seem to be doing lately is wiring repairs caused by hungry mice!

    Most of country NSW is under a mouse plague. Especially around Hay.
  10. Yes, don't bait if you have a cat and like it.
  11. Well if you don't want mice, stop speeding and hooning about.

    That way all those kittens will grow up into cats and eat the mice.

    It's all your own fault! [-(
  12. It's autumn so I'd guess the mice are moving into their winter accomodation. Living on the edge of the wheatbelt as I do, we get a fair few. I'll put up with small numbers but big infestations occasionally require the chemical warfare approach. I've got 5 cats but they're permanently confined to the house so there's only a very limited chance of finding a mouse that's been baited outside. They don't like mice much anyway. They're harder to catch than sardines and biscuits.

    A couple of years ago, during our last major mouse infestation, I noticed a smell of hot electricity in the laundry (which was the epicentre of rodent operations, being the spot where we keep the chook and dog food) but couldn't trace the source. Eventually it went away so I stopped worrying about it. Then, a week or two later, I had to take the back off the washing machine to change its bearings. Inside, I found the two ends of a mouse that had bridged a couple of 240V terminals and acted as a large, slow blow fuse. The front end looked awfully surprised :D.
  13. I have some nice recipies for Mouse based meals. I can email some to you.
  14. I had some mice in the garage once. I caught some mum and dad mice in the trap and thought I was done. Had one of those plastic cube storage things walked out the next night and there was 4 baby mice stuck in there. Though I would be nice so taped up the box os they could not escape out the top and was going to dump them in the bushland the next day. Next day the little fukers were gone, so I tought them a lesson and set the traps. Got all 4 within a couple of hours with broken necks this time :eek:wned:
  15. Bought some bacon this morning, trying a bit of rind/fat tied on with dental floss.

    The bucket trap has only got three so far, I was getting 6-7 p/day with the electric trap.

    Mowed the lawn yesterday, it was about 18" high (rain, being away, being crook, then the mower suddenly deciding it needed a new spark plug). Saw at least a dozen of them running away from the mower - added a bit of fun to the job as I tried to chase the down :LOL:
  16. Hey mice are not really that dumb.....

    A few years back we had one in the house so with my kids giving me greif about not killing them, got me to get one of these...


    First night I set it up, it worked a treat and little mousy was in there alive and well.
    So to make my kids happy, took it a few blocks away and let it go...

    Well it looks like I should have let it go a few k's away because the little shite was back the next day!
    At first thought it must have been a different mouse.
    But no matter what we tried, it wouldn't go back into the trap.
    Others have said it most likely was the same one that made it back and had learn't from the previous time....
    You really have to wonder.
    Eventually settled for a traditional trap so the little critter is now in mousy heaven.
    To the disgust of the kids....
  17. If you don't want to spend out on a no-kill trap, an old plastic 2l fruit juice bottle propped up at the end with some grub in the bottom works just as well. Better, in fact, cos you can get about four mice in before they can get out by climbing over each other :D.

    But yeah, Joe's right. You've got to take them a hell of a long way away or they'll just come back. Or you can release them on your neighbour's verandah and hope they prefer next-door to your place :D.
  18. My cat has been bringing in heaps of mice lately. I've only got a cat because we used to live on a farm, and got it for the mouse/rate problems ... I don't really like cats as such .... so it could be free to good home if you are interested!!!
  19. Its been in the papers last week. Due to the enormous amount of water we've had after such a dry spell they're breeding very quickly.
    My parents place in NE Vic has them in plague proportions again, not as bad as 3 years ago, but I did see they were getting problematic in Central Vic as well.