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Miami Vice - anyone seen it? Feedback wanted

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Gozzy ID, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Crew - if anyone has seen the new Miami Vice flic then please post and let me know what it was like. It looked cool :cool:

    Any other movie reviews chuck the Movie title in the subject line and go your hardest...


  2. There's already a thread with the miami vice review in it ;)

    PS: It's shit
  3. dude, go to Off Topic.

    Welcome to last week ! :LOL:
  4. Gee mickyB - you're a big help aren't you!?! :p
    Mummy must be proud

    Kraven - thanks for the advice
  5. its like watching a master chef boil a hot dog!

    ie CRAP

  6. i thought it was 'aight.

    check out the ant bully :)
  7. pretty crap... poor directing.
  8. if u want ur moneys worth i advice not 2 watch it rather watch something esle hahaha.. it kinda boring for me. ! you me and durpre is good i suggest u should watch tat!!
  9. I heard it was crap.. so I am going to wait for DVD.
  10. There's really not much on at all at the moment worth watching, IMO.

    SLJ saying, there are muthafcuker snakes on a muthafcuker plane is enough to go see it ! :LOL:
  12. Meh: hype aside, I think that's a DVD special...
  13. POST IN THE CORRECT FORUM PLEASE - Shifted too Off Topic

    Cheers :cool:
  14. just come back from watching it, the direction slack, the camerawork leaves a lot to be desired and the story is boring.

    the only entertaining part is the shootout at the end and the ferrari.

    sonny crocket (colin farrel) looks like he is on a meth comedown all the bloody time and with the haircut and stubble looks like he should be called bubba, have a dog called skeeter and live in a trailer park, he looked more like a white supremacists than the actual white supremacists.

    tubs (jamie fox) is ok but doesnt realy have much of a roll in the film, more like a sidekick to sonny than a main character.

    all in all i am glad it wasnt me paying for the ticket
  15. It was crap watched it last week.
  16. well, i do have a free ticket i could use up...

  17. saw it last night.

    all in all, 7/10.

    worth watching, but i wouldn't at the movies.