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Miami Ink

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by van, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Anyone watch Miami Ink? My girly's sister has been downloading it and we've all been gorging ourselves on it for the past few weeks. Such a kickarse show.

    It follows tattooist Ami James (pronounced "army", sorta - It's Jewish yo) and his crew Chris Garver, Chris Nunez and Darren Brass - all world-renowned tattooists the lot of them - and Ami's apprentice Yoji Hirada. They've opened a parlour and you pretty much have to audition to get tattooed there haha (well, you have to audition if you wanna be on the show anyway).

    It's on The Learning Channel in the US, so no doubt a lot of it has been glamourised and made all special for TV, but fcuk if I care, it's a kickarse show. The only downside is having to listen to the customers tell their stories about 8 times throughout each episode haha.

    The website's got a bunch of cool sections too, so check it out. The opening page is Flash, but the sections aren't.


  2. Yep, on Discovery as mentioned in another thread.

    Awesome show. Loved the last one when Ami's mom come for a visit from Israel.

    Yoji is a pissa, poor sucker is not confident at all :LOL:
  3. Always wanted to get around to seeing this, just a big case of lazies. Might watch it soon :)
  4. and speaking of ink, best m/bike related tattoo i've seen of late (unfinished)