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MIA GreyBM's runaway child

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kitt, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Last seen on the " Road to Gold" ride , hitching with NiteKreeper :-s


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  2. Smurf huh.
    Pretty sure i ran one over the other day, twice just to make sure :p.

    Theres a reason i once had a nickname Gargamel online...
  3. Oh - that's what that crap was about! I see!
  4. Frankly I was glad to be rid of the little blue turd.
    He bitched and bitched all weekend about going too fast, not stopping often enough, and insisting on wearing high-viz...
    By the time we left Melbourne I was sick of him, and honestly wondering if I was gonna be able to put up with him all the way home.
    So when we met up with those hippies on the way out and he suggested he might like to travel with them, I was more than happy to let him go.
    Him and that crazy batshit "don't destroy my family" woman deserved each other...

    What, and he's not come home yet?
    I reckon he's grown dreadlocks and has settled nicely into his new hedonistic lifestyle...
  5. OMG !!

    I Think I've just seen him post in the welcome thread :-O

    Poor little Smurf :(
  6. RIP Vale Smurf