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[MI USA] helmet law

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by simon varley, May 24, 2012.

  1. the unseasonably warm weather has brought loads of riders out early. So far in the four days I've been here I have only seen one wearing a helmet. It would be interesting to know how many continue not to do so, or whether it's just the initial reaction to the new freedom

  2. For those wondering, I believe Simon is in Detroit not Geelong :p

    Thought I might throw that out there first.

    nvm: read the thread title; feel free to glove slap me.
  3. I have to admit, should mandatory helmet laws be repealed, I'd for sure go for a little bimble minus helmet.

    I imagine I'd get almost a kilometre before I started to get an uncomfortable vulnerable feeling, and put the helmet back on.
  4. The law has been repealled but only for >21 yo and if you have a certain amount of Health insurance... Not sure if it's being policed though. I think they also introduced compulsory training for young new riders.

    I'd still ride with a helmet on I reckon.

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  5. No helmet? May as well not wear anything then, since your probably going to die. Hell, why even bother taking out insurance.
  6. I'd still wear a helmet I reckon. I can't go over 50km/h with my visor up without getting watery eyes from the wind. Not to mention I've had bugs in my face before and didn't much care for it...
  7. Helmet on.

    That is all.
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  8. While I fully admire the legislators for allowing personal responsibility (as opposed to our increasingly police state mentality) I'd definitely not be NOT wearing a helmet.

    Heck I feel vulnerable in an open face, which is why I don't have one.
  9. I'd wear a helmet. I've been conditioned to by our wise (in this case) laws.

    But I might be tempted to forget it on a putt putt to the milk bar down the road.
  10. The drivers over there are generally better than here, by a long way (well they were in the big three north western states). So I think you could get away with it over summer. But definitely NOT in southern California - sth of Sacramento!! Drivers down there were pushy and dangerousl.

    There IS a line where they consider, enough is enough, although the bar is pretty high.
    In a road rage incident, an idiot, didn't like what an older lady did, so he jump out, ran to her car and in front of hundreds of drivers he grabbed her little dog and tossed it over the divider into the oncoming traffic side where the dog was run over and killed, and then just drove off. As mostly everyone has guns it was a race between the police and angry armed mobs of regular citizens hunting him down, but the cops got him first and took him into protective custody, which angered the mobs even more.

    Everyone turned on the phsyco!!! Unions, Bikie gangs, criminals, and joe public. I believe he was jailed in another state for protection.

    So...in southern California (for example), you'd be a fool not to wear a helmet, due to their driving habits and generally very aggressive demeanour.

    Never went to Chicago but my nephew lived there and he said it was fairly good except when the snow set in over winter. People's frustrations were high, then. But in summer, he said they drove fairly calmly, so maybe not wearing a helmet might feel liberating there.
  11. The roaduser fatality rate in America is almost double ours on a population basis... If that's a measure of driving ability then we are "better" drivers... Given how crap ours are, then USA riders must really have their work cut out for them.

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  12. I only spoke of the 3-4 states in the nth/west, mate. Drivers are a lot better than ours are. Noticeably.

    The remaining states I know nothing about except Southern California. So I can only gather that the other states are represented highly in the figures. :)
    The southern states are also litered with the 'I don't need no stickin' safety belt' yobbos.

    But as a nation, their overall driving skills, would measure poorly against the rest of the world.
    Sitting in traffic, and you look across at an old Chevy Impala or some Buick thing, and the driver has a face full of pimples and his school bag in the back, cos he's turned 16.... Leaves you shaking your head, or reaching for the flask!
  13. A few years ago, I was working in Vietnam. When I arrived, there was no mandatory helmet law. Mandatory helmets got introduced while I was there (although the VN standard for moto helmets is only a slightly beefed up bicycle helmet).

    Anyway, on the evening before the day when helmets became mandatory, I went out for a ride, no helmet, shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops.
  14. I wonder what the specific causes might be? Without research or recent experience, I would hazard a guess that they have a much bigger problem with drink and drug driving.
    What they did have (back then) was a much more laid back attitude to driving, less competitive attitude, much more courtesy.
    Skills, not so much, and the cars are set up much more for comfort than control.
  15. I think I would try no helmet if it was legal, last about 3 minutes and then feel like I was naked.

    Stupid safety conditioning.
  16. Yanks drive longer distances than Australians. If you compare the mileage (rather than population based) fatality rate, it is only slightly higher than Australia.

    There is also a drink driving problem.

    And like the average Australian, many are lacking in situational awareness and can't drive for shit.
  17. If wiki is anything to go by, Australian vs American stats stack up this way:

    Road fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants per year
    5.75 vs 12.3

    Road fatalities per 100,000 motor vehicles
    8 vs 15

    Road fatalities per 1 billion vehicle-km
    6 vs 8.5

    Total fatalities latest year
    1,292 vs 33808

    Australia data is 2011, American is 2009 - seems like 2009 is the latest info for the USA - doesn't seem to be anything more recent on NHSTA site.

    (Just for comparison, according the the national road safety strategy, in 2009 Australian fatalities per 100,000 population was 6.9, so about half the USA)

  18. I've lived in California, Washington State, Florida, South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa, and I can categorically say they're all filled with shit drivers, but all in different and exciting ways.

    Southern Californians drive quickly and aggressively, which is fine. However, they're often distracted, which isn't cool. Also if anything falls out of hte sky it's pandemonium.

    Northern Californians tend to be a little more sedate and marginally more attentive, but are absolute cockbites when it comes to letting people merge and so forth, they simply don't do it.

    Midwesterners are slow, reasonably attentive, and unfailingly polite. However, they're slow. Also they're slow.

    Florida… honestly, I can't think of anything nice to say about the drivers there.

    Washington State is a fairly pleasant place to drive, all things considered. They use turn signals more, which is weird to see.
  19. I rode across the block to the grocery in just my riding jacket, jeans and helmet. Felt naked, just without gloves.

    Maybe it was youtubing 'gs500 crashes' on youtube last night... but IMO if you ride without protection, ESPECIALLY a helmet. Asking to die.
  20. The distance based rate for Oz is 7.6, not 6.

    Whoever wrote out that Wiki table copied the data down wrong from the Australian Dept of Infrastructure report which it lists as a reference.