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Mi-Bike motorcycle insurance

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by bagz, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, just wondering if any one is or has been insured with Mi-Bike motorcycle insurance and wether you had any issues when it came to claiming and such. thanks :)

  2. Never heard of them.
  3. Never heard of them
  4. I see it's underwritten by NM Insurance (Nautilus Marine). Planning any activities near water perhaps?
  5. sounds fishy, then?
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  6. I wonder if they're worth their salt?
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  7. was recommended to me by a1 motorcycles ringwood when i put my bike on deposit. Think i might give them a pass
  8. bagzbagz - I don't know that they quoted you and there is no online portal to get a quote, but looking at the comprehensive insurane page - NRMA insurance covers the same bullet points they mention.

    Insurance costs very much depends on your individual risk profile so phone around to all before you choose.
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  9. call QBE as well
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  10. mi-bike is the product name by the agent, NM Insurance.
    The underwriter/insurer is Vero Insurance.
    Vero Insurance is a brand/company of Suncorp Group
    Suncorp Group also own other insurance brands/companies such as Suncorp Insurance, AAMI, GIO, Shannons, InsureMyRide, (plus Bingle, Just-Car, and APIA)

    So buying mi-bike insurance means you are getting it from NM Insurance (who get sign-up commission and annual profit share) who sell it on behalf of Vero, who is a part of SunCorp group.

    All claims approval/assessment is done by Vero, as the insurer/underwriter.
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  11. Mouth Holmes, elementary dear fellow.
  12. I have got quotes from both swann and youi, both were atleast $50 dollars p/month more. I guess i still have untill next monday to make up my mind of which provider to go with so i will continue shopping. Next stop QBE.
  13. Thanks MouthMouth. I was trying to trace the info you posted and definitely got my terminology all mixed up as well!
  14. Do that but READ THE PDS for each policy make sure you are getting the same cover and excess conditions.
  15. Thanks, been reading all day haha. Wish i had more experience with insurance.
  16. There are a lot of threads on Netrider about insurance. Do a search you'll see what I mean. Usually you will find a thread on the topic, ask a question if you need help.
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  17. I'm insured with QBE, haven't had to make a claim but Ive heard good things about them. For me they are very competitive price wise, but I'm an old fart

    My son is insured with InsureMyRide and needed to make a claim (bike written off) and they were very good. Their rates are also very competitive.

    Suggest you check out both QBE and InsureMyRide.
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  18. I got quoted 2k+ with all insurers for my bike because I was a young rider on my L's, my dealership offered mi-bike insurance and it was about $900. For that price I didn't care if they deal with quotes badly, I'm already saving heaps of money. (full comp btw)
  19. you might care if you ever have to make a claim, but first bike & with such a big saving I can also understand
  20. This.

    I don't often agree with Sir Hornet, however on this one I must.

    Just recently changed from Swann to QBE, the premium and default cover are both much better.
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