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MH17 victims' father has motorbike returned after Facebook plea

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lazy Libran, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Anthony Maslin, the father of three of WA's MH17 victims has had his beloved motorcyle returned after a desperate Facebook plea, including the offer of a reward.

    Mr Maslin's children Mo, Evie and Otis died when the Malaysia Airlines flight was downed over the Ukraine in July 2014. His father-in-law Nick Norris also died in the crash.

    Mr Maslin posted on Facebook on Saturday that his Moto Guzzi bike had gone missing from Reserve Street in Scarborough during the week and noted its sentimental value - it had been bought on the day Mo was born in 2002.

    A $1000 reward was offered but Mr Maslin posted again on Facebook on Sunday morning to say the motorbike had been returned anonymously and thanked the person who had been "brave enough" to bring it back.

    URL here: MH17 victims' father Anthony Maslin has motorbike returned after Facebook plea
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  2. Amazing, A bike thief with a conscience. Good result.
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  3. What a feel good story :)
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  4. what was he doing buying a bike while his wife is in labour with his son?
    should of bought it the day before and gone for a ride instead
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  5. I'm not impressed. If the thief was a good person he/she wouldn't have stolen the bike in the first place.
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  6. im not a good person
    and I don't steal bikes
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  7. Which shows that you're not totally imperfect! Congratulations!
  8. no it just means he has nothing to lose by stealing some bikes
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  9. Agree. Stealing another man's vehicle should be a crime punishable by execution by catapult.
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  10. I prefer trebuchet. Similar mechanism, sounds much more virile.
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