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MG's ZX-10R: notes from a quick spin.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. After about a 4 second perve on his brand spankers ZX10, Kish chucked me the keys up at Ray's and offered me a spin. I was on it like a rat up a drainpipe. I do like motorcycles.

    So small, it feels like a pocket bike after the 9R. The throttle's incredibly light and responsive without being jerky - I found myself taking a lot of the twisties in first gear with none of the on-off throttle snatch I expect from an injected bike. The only time this bike's insane power reveals itself is on big handfuls of throttle and ham-fisted gear changes with a bit of clutch, in which you can expect to lift the front a bit.

    The pillion seat sinks into your arse flesh under hard throttle in a very reassuring way, and even a smooth application of the throttle in the first 3 gears can lift that front wheel with ease.

    Steering this tiny bike just happens - the thing turns in with great ease and I didn't get a chance to start making it feel like the tyres or suspension were working, even riding the spur at around my normal pace. The sheer ease of riding it astounded me, given this bike's reputation as the widowmaker of the japanese superbikes. It delivers a wonderful feeling of security in the corners and under hardish braking.

    Brakes were pretty much what I expected - I was more impressed with the fronts on the fireblade, but I didn't really go bananas on Kishy's bike. There was a fair amount of weight transfer to the front pulling the 10R stoppers on, although this was beautifully balanced when a little rear brake was brought into the equation. Still, the CBR1000's stopping power just blew me away, it just hunkered down, grabbed the road and plain stopped, it felt like it was burrowing under the road surface and it nearly sucked my eyeballs out of my skull without ever feeling out of control. Maybe a couple clicks of compression on the 10R would sort its weight transfer issues out, who knows, I'm no suspension guy.

    I was surprised how controllable the 10R felt out of corners on a hard throttle. Even when the front started skipping and lifting with the bike leaned over, it felt stable and secure. I've shat myself on other bikes when the same thing happened, but I felt I could have given the 10 a lot more before it started scaring me too much.

    Comfort wise, the first 10 minutes were a blast, upright enough to be comfy but a decent amount of room to move around and hang off. But this was the spur, it's a perfect road for sportsbikes. Then I got stuck behind a dirty big snake of shitty traffic, and in the 5 minutes or so it took me to get to the front of that, riding at commuting speeds between overtaking blasts, it started to get to me a bit. The ol' legs started feeling a bit cramped on the high pegs, wrists and shoulders started mildly complaining and I got the impression this wouldn't be much fun in town traffic.

    Still, it's a race bike right? And in the corners, on the brakes and on the gas, it felt like a magnificent toy. So tiny and light, so responsive, so secure and yet with the potential for such evil deeds.

    Very fcuken impressive. Thanks big time MG for making my weekend, I owe you a beer. :grin:

    ...Oh, and I'll never own one of these things. I'm a bad enough person as it is. A divvy van pulled into ray's behind me as I came back in and I thought I was a goner, but they'd seen nahthing. ;)
  2. Nice write up Loz. From everything i now hear about the new age kawas, they are absolute beasts.
    Gotta buy one
  3. ZX10R

    I'm contemplating buying one as well. Been reading Superbike magazine and they've bagged the standard suspension set-up. Way too harsh for road riding in their view. Doesn't seem like you noticed anything beyond the (appropriately) stiffish suspension on a sportsbike? I've demo'd one but only across the Bolte Bridge and back to Stevo's. Felt awesome but it's hardly really testing out the suspension (or much else for that matter). Cheers if you get the time to reply.
  4. Yeah I don't really know, the spur is as smooth as PNUT's shaven ballbag and it rewards stiff suspension, so I can't really comment.
  5. Meh, its a super sport bike. Don't like the suspension? Adjust it to be more plush for your nancy ass :p
  6. I take it this was the Black Spur? Stupid question maybe but the Reefton is pretty rough I reckon. Feels that way to me anyway.
  7. Yeah. Reefton's not as smooth, but it's still pretty good compared to, say, some of gippsland etc.
  8. how much longer until Mr Kishy gets his licence back...?