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MG's 2007 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Well I've now done 200 k's or so in the last coupla days so time to give some of my

    As I said in the 'Breaking in the Beast' thread, I havent been thrashing her..

    But yes, I've been riding the bike hard as I usually ride & using heavy engine braking as
    well; only thing I do different is no snapping of the throttle... yet.

    Lemme tell you this much. This thing is f*cken powerful. First gear is awesome & power
    thru the midrange is phenomenal. I soon learnt not to ride in first gear on bumpy roads
    with left hand on the hip because any movement of your right hand from going over a
    bump throws you back a bit, so cruising in 2nd or 3rd gear is mandetory.

    Leaning forward is mandetory when taking off, & taking first gear up to 140km/h is no
    probs with still 3000rpm to go before red lining. Within seconds youre already hitting
    180km/h +

    I've for the first time started using clutchless shifts because I've simply found it too hard
    hanging on with only last 2 fingers & thumb on the bar & 2 fingers on the clutch. Have
    had no probs with the gears. Gear changes are fine & effortless. I'm still getting used to
    finding neutral. More often than not, I'm putting the bike into second gear, so only a slight
    tap is required.

    Got caught by speed/redlight camera on Princes Hwy within the first 50km/h the bike
    travelled. Intersection had a green light so mustve got done for going over the speed

    Just as well I had no plates on. :p

    The bike feels like a toy (compared to the ZX9); its that light & so easy to throw around.
    I've already managed to snap off one of the peg feelers from coming down too hard on
    a corner. I shit myself when the bike jolted back up from the hit. Only when I got home
    did I notice it had come off. Now I just gotta do the same to the other side. wink1.

    Slipper clutch works wonders. I've been doing some heavy heavy engine braking trying to
    lock up the rear & havent succeeded yet. Today I was doing about 108-110hm/h when I
    put it in 1st gear & snapped open the clutch. Still no shudder & no locking up of the rear.

    Positioning of rear brakes took getting used to & at first I was left feeling around for them.
    I've always been used to the lever being in the position where upon applying, your foot is
    still in a nearly horizontal position. With this bike, the lever is in alot closer to the body of
    the bike, & lower.

    This is a superbike made for the track so some of the features ie. Stop Watch, (2) x lap
    timers etc I have no real use for.

    Being picky here, but the bike runs at too quick a speed when idling in first gear for my
    liking, so thats something I'll look at changing at a later date.

    If there is one thing on the bike thats useless, my vote is for the mirrors. They are f*cken
    useless & only good for looking at your elbows. You can only see behind if you lift ya arms
    up at shoulder height or higher.

    So unless you dont mind looking like a f*ckin retaed, the only option is head turns only.
    They are the first things coming off once the bike gets registered on Tuesday.

    For habitual lane splitters like myself; watch out & make sure you get ya judgements right.
    Previously your mirrors getting hit was always the indicator that there wasent much room.
    With this bike, your hands on the throttle & clutch bars are the widest points of the bike, so
    the only indicator you will now get that there isent enough space is when ya fingers get
    smashed & your sorry arse falls to the road in a heap a second later.

    Well this is all I can think of so far, given the limited time I've had on the bike.

    Cathar will be able to provide a more comprehensive review once he has ridden the biatch. fing02.

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  3. very nice mg. we need to go ride sometime in the sun shine, with a bottle wine, we will have a good time. cause that bikes so fine..
    loving the stock colors
  4. great mother of god! that thing is hot.

    that bike is freakin awesome.

    oh.. good writeup too..
  5. Good write up - sounds like the modern sportsbike of today is something I'll only ever test ride - way too crazy for me :shock:

    Enjoy the thrills and keep the rubbber side down
  6. Shhwweeeeeeet! :grin:

    A mate of mine just got his last week also, can't wait to see it in the flesh.
  7. OH! (BM drooling... Kwaka's are the best! :cool: )
  8. I interpretted STFU = stuff u


    I'll keep my 9R, but that is a freakingly awesome set of wheels.

    Oh yeah! kwakas rock!!
  9. Awesome bike!!!

    Nice review

    I'd be interested in a follow up review as to what the bike's like to live with
  10. So when are you going to buy a real bike :roll:
  11. Nice writeup. I laughed at the left hand on hip comment. :)

    Which other bikes did you test and why did you decide to go with the ZX10R?

    Basically I'm after your impressions of the other litre bikes, i.e. the new R1, '07 GSX-R1000 and CBR1000RR.

    Did you consider getting a 600 at any point?
  12. Id be content with the response "it came in green".
  13. That will be when;

    1) I'm too old & slow to be riding a sports, and
    2) When I get my superannuation pay-out.

  14. Funny now, but not when I thought I was going to come off. :p

    It was always going to be a Ninja mate. Was hoping to get at least an
    05 model but things went my way & so was able to get the 07. I've had
    the Ninja 700, 900 & now 1000cc.

    Green must be my favourite colour. All my Kwakas have been green. My
    car is green. My shit is green & so is my shirt when my armpits sweat. HeadBang.

    I've got experience with the 600, 750 & 1000cc Gixxers. The 750 is great,
    but once you ridden the thou, you can notice the difference.

    To be honest with you, the Gixxers are very comparable to the Ninja.
    Apart from different seating position, the two bikes are identical in

    So my decision basically came down to outward appearance. cool25.
    I prefer the look of the Ninja to the Gixxer & that was good enough a
    reason for me. Besides, in the 2yrs I've been licensed I've only been on
    the road 14mths so I still have a long way to go before I'm good enough
    to come close to pushing either bike to its limit, so performance was a
    factor, but not a deciding one. It only had to have more power than the ZX-9R :p

    Once the decision was made, it was just a matter of finding the bargain.

    Looked at the R1's but was never really serious about getting one; pricing
    being the major factor. Honda's werent even contemplated because I've
    never been interested in em & none of the serious sportbike riders I know
    own or ride em.

    Never. Its a great bike for girls who want to jump up a notch tho.

    My very first bike bought 6mths after my Learners was 700cc so dosent make
    sense to be going backwards.
  15. Great machine mate.. Well done.. Next step is the 14 .. :p
  16. She sure is a purty, agressive looking beasty MG. Nice mini-review.

    Down at the island, the fastest bikes at the end of the straight are almost always the ZX10R's. The poor old R1 has to catch a slip-stream for as long as it can to even remotely stay in touch. The power of them is certainly something that demands respect.

    The widish bars would be due to granting more leverage for turning into corners at speed. I have long bars on the R1, more by mistake when ordering them than anything else, and everyone comments on them, but boy do they make tight flip-flop transitions easier.

    Some good times to be had, for sure.
  17. The gixxer felt like a very large bike - largest of the bunch. Kawasaki next (wide seat!), Yammie third, and Honda smallest.

    I'd say the R1 is the nicest looking bike of the bunch. The Hondas are very compact, but feel too 'generic'.

    lol! Interesting thing to say about a 120hp bike.

    The 0-100km/h times aren't much different, nor are the quarter mile times I believe - the 600 would have to be revved out more. Of course, the 1000's would pull away quicker at higher speeds, and top out ~ 40km/h faster, but in terms of riding on public roads, is there really any benefit to having a 1000 over a modern 600?

    What 700 did you have?
  18. Its irrelevant because the bikes too expensive mate, so R1 got the boot early on.
    For the same money I wouldve had to settle for an earlier model.

    Not when you consider I have only ever ridden big bikes.

    It'd be the same for you if you had only ever ridden 600's & then one day you hop
    on someones 250cc. Dosent matter if the 250 is fast for its size, you still going to
    notice the difference.

    ZX7R & GSXR750

    Got another one to add..

    Opened the pillion seat to have a squiz at the Owners Manual. My bootspace is
    f*cking goooone. :LOL: :LOL:

    Just big enough for the tool kit, & the small manual just fits!

    With the 9, I was used to chucking my top, gloves, glasses, mini Melways, toolkit,
    smokes & mobile in there.
  19. Sadly that's the way it is with all these newer bikes now, even including those that don't have under-seat exhausts.

    Still, it could be worse. Since I put the solo-seat on the R1 I can't get to the fairly large under-seat space at all. It's a back-pack for storage or it's nothing.
  20. 600's are nice, but litre class bikes are just so easy to ride on the road. At a track it's the other way around, but for riding around town and the hills the ZX10R would be the better proposition. Going for a pootle, easy, leave it in a gear and let the engine pull you through corners. Need to overtake, yeah, whatever. Want to go quick, drop a gear and ride a rocket ship.

    The 600's need to be worked at, need to be in the correct gear. Sure they make 120hp, but at 13,000rpm with next to no torque to speak of.

    The ZX is the only Kwaka in years that I'd be interested in. Maybe when the WSBK version starts winning or competing at the front they'll be seen as a sales rival to the R1 and GSXR.