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metzeler !!!

Discussion in 'Tyres' at netrider.net.au started by kingy, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. hay guys

    i have been ridding for a while and didnt really care on what tyre to get and my decission was normaly based on Price.. but seeing i am getting into more long trips and my tyres are due for a change i thought i might look into it a bit better...

    i have a cruiser style bike fronts 120/90/17 rears 160/80/15 i have called a few bike shops who recomend the metzeler brand..

    what is this brand like ??? decent ???? stay clear ????

    they seem pretty cheap fronts $144 rear $245 was the best price i was giving what are your thoughts .. all advice would be great \\:D/
  2. I've got Metzler ME880 tyres on my cruiser.

    A good, popular tyre from all reports. I haven't had any dramas with mine.
  3. I have run Metzler Z 6's on my Bird for 50,000 kays, But just recently Updated to Z 8's, Superceded Z 6's,
    Excellent tyre, never slips, Between 10,000 and 15,000 kays to a rear,

    The Z 6 and Z 8 are specifically for the weight of the Blackbird as it is so heavy,

    A tyre for yours would have another number, But I cant fault the ones I have been using,
  4. awesome thanks for the advice
  5. I have the Metzeler M3 on mine, can't comment on mileage as I've travelled 1500k's on them but find they have been great in the wet and random loose shit on the road.
  6. Metzler are huge mate. Been around for donkey's years. They are not some fly-by-nighters.

    After Dunlop, Michelin and Perelli they are probably the next biggest bike tyre brand in the world. Avon is in the mix but Metzler are better tyres.
  7. Just did a search ME880s it says
  8. Ive got Metzeler ME880 on my XVS650 cruiser and they are fantastic going around bends and in the wet. Highly rated and I love them.
  9. thats the kinda review i was looking for cheers mate...
  10. My tyre guy has been telling me that I should try out the Z8s as a replacement for my angels. Too bad the rears don't come in 160/60

    Kingy - I see Con at Brisbane Motocycle Tyres, I find his prices good, but most of all I go there for the service. He will take the time to help pick out the right tyres for you and is happy to check your tyres when you drop it to make sure they are wearing well and estimate time left.
  11. ahh i know where con is and i didnt think about him... cheers and i spend most of my weekend down moss street as its not far from home.. cheers mate