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Metzeler Z8 Interact

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Bravus, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. So, my review of my previous set of tyres - Metzeler Z6s - is here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=105062

    Similarities are interesting: the old ones were slicks last time as well! Gotta stop being skint around new tyre time!

    So, as I was pulling out of home on the way to go get new tyres I pulled across the wet grass, the back spun up and the Bandit lay down for a little rest. Very softly and gently. Picked it up again and it spun all the way up the hill to the drive. Hmm, grip isn't useful on dry tar, but kinda good on wet grass.

    I won't have too much trouble knowing how many km the new tyres have done: the odo in the big Bandit was sitting on 80,000.6 when I pulled up at Two Wheels Tyres in Blacksoil.

    I'd pre-ordered a set of Z8s, the replacement for the superseded Z6s. The old ones, I see from the old review, cost me $475 for the set, and these cost me $485 (fitted) - not bad.

    As usual, quick and easy service - finished off my overdue library book, an Iain Banks, while I waited.

    Headed out and immediately, at low speeds the bike felt a bit odd. Wondered whether it was the tyres, but figured out that it seems to be that they tightened the headstem. It hadn't been wobbly loose, but very light to turn - probably better tighter. It'll just take a little getting used to, and may have masked any handling changes with the new tyres.

    It was wet here today and drying, so patchy wet on the roads, and with brand-new tyres as well I was going easy. Will do for the first 150 km or so, but between slaking my sudden yen for spirali calabrese at Redbank Plains and returning the library book at Indooroopilly I've already done 56.

    More soon, but they feel good so far.
  2. Z6's or Z8's need about 5 kays to warm up and get traction, or they will just spin,
  3. Bravus let us know how you go with these tyres down the track as I will be putting on a set of Z8's at the next tyre change.
  4. Will do: will try to do something like a 200, 1000 and 5000 review or some such...

    Hope others using them will chime in as well.
  5. Be interesting to see, with more vigilant attention to proper pressure, if they can get me to 100k km. Kinda doubt it - more like 95 - but we'll see.
  6. The fronts may not sure about the back but see how it goes.

    You may get some pm's re these tyres from local and overseas riders as I got a few for the M5 review thread I made. Seems they like the way we give unbiased opinions.
  7. Up around 180 km now, and a lovely dry day, so I went that bit harder.

    They just feel really neutral, in a good way. They don't tip you in quick, or resist tipping in, they just do exactly what you ask, then corner like you're on rails.

  8. I've had the same tyres for about a thousand k's now.
    In my mind, they are excellent tyres.

    They don't tip in as agressively as my old Pilot Power 2's, but I prefer this as it suits my riding style a little better. Not to say they don't tip in well, but it's just not as quick a tip in.

    They also feel steadier throughout corners. They have some serious grip on them and are excellent in the wet.

    I don't how where the 5 minute warm up comes from. I ride every single day, rain, hail or shine and have yet to have the tyres spin up on me. Although I'm not the kind of person to thrash the bike straight out of the garage every morning. For me on my bike, they feel fine when cold. That being said, I would never take corners hard and accelerate like I'm trying to race people when they are cold and wet.

    Overall, I am VERY happy with the tyres. The next real test is how many km's you can get out of them. From all reports they seem to have some good longevity in them, so I'm hoping to get a good ammount of k's before they need replacing.
  9. I picked up my bike from its service today and had a brand new z8 put on, pissing rain and wet roads all the way home, even though the tyre was brand new It instilled confidence turning was like Bravus described neutral but in a very very good way, you just have to think you will turn and the bike will steer nicely.
    Only done 20 kms on it so long way to go, I still have the z6 on the back.
  10. I was more than impressed with the confidence the M5's instilled in me while riding in the wet (heavy pouring wet at times) as you could nearly brake as well as you could in the dry with them even in rainy conditions. One of the main reasons why I'll be giving these tyres a go next up. The M5's didn't give me as much mileage as I would have hoped but I think the Z8's would have that covered.
  11. 500 km up on mine and still very happy indeed with them.
  12. About 500 km on mine as well z8 front z6 rear.
    Even in the near icy roads of the last few mornings the tyre is very sure footed, obviously taking it very easy for the first km or so but it does instil confidence.
    PRos: great in the wet,
    Seriously neutral steering, the bike will not suddenly tip but simple lean and turn in the direction you want, it is lovely and light, much better than the z6 and that was no slouch.
    Cons: none so far.
  13. Update required with some in depth perceptions people....... c'mon?
  14. My Bird started on Z6's at about 3000 kays, Z8's from about 50,000 Kays. its now done 57,000 kays,

    Just about ready to put my Fifth set on,

    I ride 24/7 wet or dry, I ride, the weather can do what ever, I have wet weather gear,

    Z6 or Z8. neither have ever slipped,

    I ride mostly Mountain twistie roads,

    They do slip in Black Ice and Snow, Hahahahahaha Sphincter phucker moments,

    57,000 kays in 3 years Total, I didnt ride it for 12 months, Z6 or Z8 All the way,

    I average between 10,000 and 15,000 Kays per rear tyre, About two rears to one front.
  15. had z8's fitted about a month ago.
    so needed tyres for suitable for riding Melbourne and Vic surounds. april - october.
    typically i get 6-8 months out of tyres based on milage and mostly commuting, so mostly riding like a crazy maniac.

    show me a better tyre for what i needed than the z8. and i will buy it.

    it's not the ultimate dream tyre. it's not going to give you what a power pure or q2 will on a hot sticky road. but no tyre can do all. i personally don't believe the spiel for the new battlax or q2. i'm sure they're awesome, but still not in their best element during Melbourne winter.

    yesterday morning was 3 degrees when i left for work. wet and fog. **** i hate fog. it sure is gay.

    comming home from work a nice 22 degrees.
    i had the perfect tyres for the day. the right tyres for the job.

    i think the most apt description is as mentioned, neutral. they do everything nice and easy and with great confidence. but they are not hypersport. they are sport tourer.
    as sport tourer, theres nothing better available.

    (the z8 is the same tyre as the m5, but for heavier bikes. the z8 superceded the z6.)
  16. Would post a pic if I could be bothered: maybe at 10,000. Now, at almost 9, there's heaps of wear left on them, and I'm still stoked with them.
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  17. never experienced that ever.
  18. Bravus, I've done about 3500km on my Z6's and I am now a total Metzeler convert. I have previously used Michelin/Pirelli/Dunlop tyres but they performed nowhere near as well as the Metzelers, in terms of both longevity and all-weather traction.

    Maybe if you live in freezing cold Victoria. Not so much up in QLD.
  19. I am thinking about these for the R1 as I am not a fan of the agrressive drop off that the pilots have
  20. I put a Z8 on the back of the Hornet a while ago, had 3,000kms on it when I sold the bike and I liked it, having always used Bridgestone BT-02x series previously. It DID seem to take a little longer to scrub in, but other than that, no complaints.