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Metzeler Z6

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by nearlyempty, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. Anybody had any experience of these?

    I am due to get some new rubber this weekend and usually get something sticky, but more recently I am riding with a pillion far more frequently and so I am looking at getting something a little harder to cope with the extra weight, but that can still be fun to play with on my own (oooer).

    NOT THAT SHE'S HEAVY YOU UNDERSTAND. Lordy no, like riding with a helium balloon really. No not a BALLOON, what I really said was, "can't wait to take her out again soon!"

    Better stop there. Looks like this could be a very dry month otherwise.

    Z6 tyres anybody?
  2. Where are you getting them done?
    Ringwood BM will be cheaper than southbank.
    They seem to prefer the Z4 as it has a good track record. The police road bikes have trialled the z6 tyres with mixed results, Z4 is stickier than the z6 but still lasts as long.
  3. They are phasing the Z4 out in favour of the Z6, which (Ringwood say) offer more grip in both wet and dry, and last longer.

    Hmmm, from what you say maybe I'll not make the change just yet, play it safe and get the Sportecs instead.

    It'll be a cold day in hell before I go back to Southbank. Their "preparation" of the bike meant topping up the oil to minimum and I don't believe they bothered checking the tyres at all (front was looow). On top of this they offered to give me a 'good deal' on some new tyres when I was ready, which came out the most expensive quote I have had. All very poor.

    At least the bike was a bargain. Dec 03, 8000km, ABS, new twin spark engine - $15250, including stamp duty and 12 months rego.

  4. Interesting you say that.
    I had to get the idle adjusted and balanced when I changed the pipes and took it to southbank since it is closer to me (Glen Iris) they quoted me $50 for the privilege.
    I rang Ringwood and they said come over we'll do it there on the spot."
    James did it and didn't ask for a cent as it took all of 3 minutes to attach the vacuum guages and mercury balancer and adjust the throttle bodies.
    As for southbank I buy accessories and I did get a very good deal from them when I bought my bike in 2001 ($14000 ride away)
    But will NEVER service the bike there as they are usually charginf $100 more for less than standard work.
    When I got the bike after they prepared it after purchasing, everything seemed fine but there was an annoying rattle which I discovered was the the fuel tank was not attached properly to the swivel bolt it sits on.
    Sales is fantastic as is their accesories and parts.
    I also had a good rapport with their previous sales principal Dave who was the perfect gentleman and a decent bloke.
  5. Yeah, service leaves a lot to be desired.

    Anyhow, Ringwood from now on.

    Are you a father yet?
  6. 7-8 weeks to go.
  7. but he's been a real muther for years