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Metzeler Z6 0r M3's?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Farab, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. I'm coming up for replacing the rear and have been doing some homework on what to replace it with. Currently I have the OEM BT56's on, which I can't wait to get rid off!

    I commute 4-5 times a week and do spirited rides in the twistie bits on weekends.

    I have more or less come in front of Metzeler's door, either looking at getting the M3 (sportier) or the Z6(more miles better wet tire).

    I have been recommended Pirelli Diablo Rosso's, but feel they may be a bit of overkill on a Hornet (also more expensive) ?? ( I have read Flux's excellent review on the Rosso's)

    Any comments?


  2. I havent used the z6s but have had 5 sets of the M3s and they are a good tyre and never let me down.But recently looking for a few more ks i went down the dunlop roadsmart passage.Yes i know i always hated dunlops too as they generally squirm all over the place but these do not. On some advise from someone who knows and is quite quick i bought some.I am now on my second set and will be sticking with them.I found that i got an extra 2,500 out of the rear than an M3,and the grip is just as good.As for the front i get about the same ks,i did find the roadsmarts a little better in the wet.Hope that helps
  3. You could also look at the Pilot Road 2. I used to use them on my Blackbird commuting 5 days and then spriited riding too and they were the mutts nuts...great wear and very good grip! :)
  4. Thanks guys!

    Bamm-Bamm, I looked at getting the Pilot Road 2 as well, until I heard from a few people that have tried them, that they seem to change characteristics after about 50% wear...anyone experience the same?

    Z900, I got old that the Z6's will give better mileage than the M3's and are better(grip) in the wet...seems to have some truth to that if you look at their website.
  5. I didn't notice that but then I commuted the twisty way to work...every tire changes characteristics as it wears...especially if you commute on freeways, that's why new tyres feel soooo good :)