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Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by ResmeN, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. After using all the available tread from the stock bridgestone batlax the bike came out of the factory with it was time for a complete new set.

    I began hunting for a good set of tyres in mid September as you can see in this thread.

    It's been a month since I have had stock tyres on my cb400 changed to Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact. All I can say is wow. With these tyres my riding has improved dramatically compared to the stock tyres. Now the bike tips in to corners easier, the feedback from the road is better and the bike feels like a completely new beast.

    Grip in the wet...don't even mention it, it is unbelievable. It inspires so much confidence in you when riding in the wet it is awesome. Wet weather braking is second to none.

    The tyres come equipped with a continuous compound technology where the tyres wear out evenly and smoothly and there are no uneven wear and tear like found on dual compound tyres.

    Been a month and have so far done 3000kms, I have nearly slayed the elephant. After a few more rides I think I will get him.

    By the way for those that don't know the elephant this is it. It's running away from me but I'm gonna catch it:

    This is what the tread pattern looks like:

    If anybody wants anymore info about these tyres here are a few more reads.

    Late Braking.
    Sportec M5 Review.

    This was my first proper review ever, I hope I have made sense.
  2. I've got the M3's and frankly am getting a bit pissed off at seeing that elephant.

    Glad to hear these are working out for you though.
  3. good review, yeah you would'nt know yourself going from the batlax to those.
    brake to a stop in like half the distance
  4. robbie55: Yeah I read about similar stories of that on the internet too. I think it's something to do with the shape of the M3 but I believe that issue doesn't exist with the M5.

    MONKEYMAN: Thanks, yes definitely with these tyres you can stop sooner both in the wet and dry and they are a good allround tyre.
  5. Are there a lot of dealers selling these tyres or did you find them hard to get?
  6. Any parts I need for my bike I ask my mechanic and he orders it and puts it on for me at a cheaper price. For the record I called the bob jane at the top of elizabeth st for a set of these tyres they quoted me $550 installed. My mechanic did it for $485 installed. It wasn't difficult to locate the tyres for either of us.

    My recommendation would be to strike up a relationship with your local motorcycle mechanic and let them order it on your behalf as they can get it at wholseale prices.
  7. I've heard nothing but good reports on these...

    But I'm not sure about those indicators on the chicken strip.
    Could send an inexperienced/noob rider with certain ambitions the wrong message or push them beyound their abilities...
    Only reason to have them is to indicate to the rider how much more lean is capable.

    It's almost like "hey when you're a good rider you'll be scrubbing these off".

    My 2c on those indicators.
  8. I'm running the M1 on the front and the MEZ4 on the rear (stuff up on my part).

    Even with odd combo they are the best tyres I've had on this bike.
  9. Prior to getting these tyres I didn't know or care about getting to the edges as the stock tyres were squared off due to the previous owners use. I am still not overly ambitious to lean over a lot but based on my last few rides and by looking at the tyres I can see that these tyres can be ridden closer to the edge much easier than the batlax. I think also my riding style is that I tend to hang off the bike more so than leaning over.
  10. ResmeN,
    Thanks for the feedback regarding the Metzeler M5's.
    I fitted a set of newies on the Gixxer recently and decided to stick with the Pilot Pure 2CT's, of which I am very satisfied with !
    In the future (hopefully not too soon - mine were fitted at $530) I might turn to these for some serious tar 'soul-searching'. Have heard wonderful reports, in addition to yours and others'.
  11. You're welcome Nickers330. So far have put on a few thousand kms and the tyres still look brand new. Other than everything else these rubbers are specialist wet weather riding tyres and grip the road like no tomorrow. These tyres give me confidence both in the dry and wet that the stockers didn't.
  12. If you cant hit those indicators then you're destined for a career drag racing only lol
  13. Anyone know a decent place to get these tyres in Sydney?
  14. Any luck with locating these? If you were down this way I would have been able to assist.
  15. Yeah got some at Procycles, really love them, have booked a track day mid Jan and can't wait.

    Really confidence inspiring tyres!
  16. I run the Metzler Z6.s 48000 kays in 2 1/2 years, grouse in the wet or dry, and have never let go once. Most of my riding is mountainous twisties, in all conditions,
    Average between 10,000 and 15,000 kays to a rear.
    But these are designed for the heavy weight of the Blackbird.
  17. How much did they end up costing fitted? Exactly my thoughts too.

    Good to hear another happy Metzeler. These tyres are so good in the wet and inspire confidence as Simon and as you mentioned in all conditions.

    With the stock Birdgestone tyres the bike came with I would have hesitated riding in the rain. After reading all the positive reviews of how good the Metzeler M5 performed in the rain (& other conditions) and after experiencing it first hand if it rains and I need to ride I never think twice as the tyres are that good.
  18. They cost $560 fitted at Procycles Hornsby.
  19. Good price and I'm sure you'll be happy with them.
  20. I am looking at new rear as mine is starting to square off.
    Are these any good for long hiway miles?
    My current tyre has about 5K and is squaring off.... Lots of F3 hiway miles.