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Metzeler M7RR in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by malJohann, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. My rear tyre is shot, its an M5 which is not made anymore, replaced by the M7RR. I'm looking for a 160/60R17 in Melbourne, anyone know where I can go?

  2. Pick up the phone and call around pretty easy!
  3. Most happy with my M7's!
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  4. So, I'm taking a lunch ride to Pablo's on Tuesday. He's got M7RR's in stock, just not in 160/60R17, but ordered it in. Could have it by tomorrow if I wanted.
  5. I'm only doing the rear, since my M5 at the front still looks very good. Do you think the mismatch would be a problem?
  6. Nope. Just a suggestion but modify your riding to do more stoppies - that way front and rear might wear out at the same time!
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  7. My rear does quite a lot of work actually on top of its usual duties. I use a lot of engine braking (gotta love oversquare high-compression singles for that!), as well as the rear brake for deceleration and balance. So, I'm surprised it lasted this long! Looking forward to the "20% longer life" of the M7RR on top of being the latest/greatest dual-compound in their line-up.
  8. There's some interesting Youtube vidoes on the Motorcycle USA channel where they do a tire shootout. Metzelers M5's rated as best of the B group (Sports tourer).
  9. I've got a newish M7RR on the back and older M5 on the front. No issues at all, but I can't wait to get a M7 front if it's as good as the rear.
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  10. hi , GeorgeO
    could you share the link please?
  11. thanks mate