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Metzeler Lasertec rear tyre

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Mick M, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. About to get this fitted to my GS500f. Replacing a Pirelli Sport Demon.

    Has anyone had any experience with this tyre, particularly on this model of bike?

  2. Have a set of matching Lasertecs on a GSX750F.

    Excellent in the wet weather with good braking and grip for all my commuting in shitty Melbourne Weather. Never had the tyre let go in the dry and can quite confidently touch footpegs.

    Done about 14k/km so far and the rear is starting to square off which is faster than other tyres in the past. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend or fit them again.
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  3. Thanx Nicholai.

    The Pirelli squared off after just 3,000km of sport touring. I know your bike has more power, so that's excellent mileage. What were you getting in the past and from what tyres?

    I really love the look of Michelin Street Radials, but I've never used them either.

    Decisions are too hard. I want to be a kid again and leave it up to Mum and Dad to sort out.
  4. I've got them front and rear on my 2010 GS500. Can't fault them for commuting duties though I've only put around 3000 k's on them so far
    Ridden these in the recent storms in sydney and they felt good, no sign of losing grip

    Edit: forgot to mention the bike shop said these were a harder compound tyre so should get some good tread life out of them and good for commuting
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  5. They do use a somewhat harder compound as evident by the tyre not heating up much however the tread pattern (from what I'm told) makes up for the grip in the wet.

    Previous tyres on the same bike were also Lasertecs which got 7k before I changed them due to age, they were also squared off mostly due to tyre pressure. Can't compare directly however I've had a mix of bridgstone and dunlop tyres go over 20k and wore more evenly (harder compound). On a lighter bike you may not have this issue.

    3k sounds way to soft or your running your pressures to low. I've heard good things about the Michelin Pilot, not sure the GS really needs radials though. Both are great tyres, I'd personally get whats cheaper.
  6. I was running the rear at 36psi for 1-up riding, as per the tyre fitter.

    I've noticed the recommended pressure on Metzler website states 2.8 Bar, which is 40psi. That's got me thinking that 36psi was too low.

    I think I'll give the Lasertec a go and see what happens.
    Thanks a lot for your input/advice, guys.
  7. Yea, might be to low.
    I'm running 42psi in the back (44 w pillion) and 36psi in the front