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Metric Custom Shops

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Ulaa, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,
    after much debate with myself I have decided to start a little project to customise my Boulevard C50. I don't have the skills, tools or space to do most of it myself so I'm looking for a shop in Sydney that will do some customising work.

    I don't want to turn my bike into a chopper or one of those with all the tassels and hanging off them. I'm looking more to emphasise what is already there.

    I would be looking for things along the lines of custom paint, V&H straight shot pipes, power commander, kuryakin air cleaner or hyper charger, re jetting once all that was in, custom handles etc etc. You get the idea.

    Or even someone I can have a conversation with to see what is actually possible on my style of bike.

    Any suggestions welcomed :)
  2. Have I got a deal for you:
    You give me all the money you would have spent on customising.
    I spend half of it on beer and get a bunch of mates around to tell you how wonderful your bike looks and we all drink the beer.

    The advantages are that your bike is never off the road, you get a guaranteed positive response, the earths resources aren't wasted replacing perfectly good parts and I make a modest profit.
    What do you say?
  3. Umm No :p :)

    Its either upgrade what I have or buy a M109R :)
  4. There are a bunch of places that can do it. Maybe give APW a ring in brookvale if you're a local, they do some custom work.
  5. upgrade upgrade
  6. ....you must be the mole....you certainly don't sound like a motorbike enthusiast!!!! :LOL: :LOL:
  7. If you want the extra power upgrade. Then just go for custom paint.
  8. No offence, the C50's a fine bike, but nowhere near the class of the M109 - wouldn't hesitate to get the bigger bike and slowly do that up
  9. Thanks guys, I was 90% convinced to do the M109 anyway :) I was thinking of going the 109, dropping about 3k on it straight away in upgrades and parts and then seeing how I feel about the rest.
  10. Could always go with the C109 if you want the traditional cruiser look.
  11. Hi mate ,I get the guys point if you got the cash upgrade.
    But then you end up with a bike like everyone else again and sounds like you just want to have a bike thats different and yours .

    Check out this site ,its for the C50 and M50's ,and the guys in the US ,love to do them up :wink:

    And check out this site for all the bling bits ,you can put your make and model in and see what people have done to thier bike and they give .good-bad reports on the mods.

    You will be amazed what you can do to this bike ,with a coat of paint ,differnt seat ..fenders ..straight bars ...and you know this bike has a single side swing arm ..one sides just for looks {but do the research} some say its ok some not!.

    Here is a sample.

    Post pics when your done :cool:
  12. Wow sleddog hats an awesome post, +1 internets for you!. Thanks a bunch, that's going to take me a while to work my way through.
  13. Try www.volusiariders.com for details on C50 also heaps of info, nothing these guys have not tried or designed.