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Metered Parking [nsw]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by $lash, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Not too sure if this topic goes in the right area...

    BUT I was just wondering what you do when you have to park in metered parking zones. I've always just parked normally whether it is metered or not. Last weekend I was walking to the bike shop and noticed an 09 r1 on the street in front of a restaurant. Just admired it for a while and went about my business to the bike shop. When I was leaving the shop, I walked back past the r1 and it had a yellow envelope slipped below the windscreen, (which i can only assume was a parking fine). If you bought a parking ticket and left it on your bike, there would be a good chance that it would be gone by the time you got back. So what can be done about it? Park somewhere else?
  2. Sydney cbd at least there's no need to pay for metered parking, you just treat it as unpaid but time limited parking. e.g. if it is a "2P metered" then treat it as a "2P" instead.

    Dunno whether that's just the CBD or the whole of sydney.. Watch out the domain has different rules though.
  3. Oh, and if I did need to park somewhere, I'd buy a ticket and keep it in my pocket. You'd have no right of reply if you have no evidence. So get a ticket, keep it in your wallet and if you're fined then contest it with the ticket as evidence.
  4. Do a search, has been covered many times.

    If you park in the CBD, it's free parking for the length of time on the sign, other areas, paid parking as per signage.

    As nath said, you could keep it in your pocket as proof you paid for parking, but then of course, it was not on the bike at the time, so hence why you would get a ticket.
  5. Good point. I never thought of that. Cheers.
  6. dont park in car spaces in botanic gardens. apparently this is excluded. i found this out after getting one of those yellow envelopes.

    doesnt say this anywhere. another letter to write.
  7. Not just Sydney CBD. Anywhere governed by the City of Sydney Council (Clover Moore's initiative), which is a few other suburbs as well (Redfern, Surry Hills etc)
  8. Thinking about this issue, and the complications of putting a parking ticket on a motorbike; an idea might be to take a photo of your ticket stuck to your bike handlebar (or whereever it can fit) with your mobile phone camera as a defence that you had a valid parking ticket. I wonder if it might save you some parking fine dollars if you happened to get booked for not displaying a ticket (if it the ticket went walk-about during the time you parked your bike).
  9. you dont need a ticket heinous......just park in the spots within the time limit i/e 2P, dont go over 2 hours.

    i've seen rangers mark the time on rear tyres as to when they walk by the bikes. if you are there 2 hours later then hey presto, ticket!

    on a better note, manly parking is free and unlimited in all the council carparks ( 4 in total ).....you go in, get a ticket and stay as long as you like. just leave to the left of the barrier ( its short for a reason ). i wrote a letter to the council about the 1 hour spots on wentowrth st near beach. i got a nice letter back from the council traffic manager explaining the unlimited off street parking in return.
  10. You guys seem to know alot about parking. I'm one of those people that look at a parking sign for like a full five minutes before I walk off to make sure I haven't mis-read it. I've been stung too many times for being apparently careless in not reading the signs properly before. Where do you guys get the info that metered parking is free in the sydney cbd? Is it written on the signs? I haven't come across any sign like that. I wan't to believe, but then I don't want to risk a fine for believing in some heresay that I read from the internet. Also, what other areas in Sydney metropolitan areas have free parking (i.e. metered parking- I don't mean some un-important side street in no-where land!)
    Evelknievel, I noticed you are from Manly hence you know your area- where to park for free. Again, is this info made available by way of signage or did you book an interview with the mayor and he granted you this free pass for the council's car-parks because you were a good sport for riding a motorbike? Sometimes I just look around before I park to see where other people park their bikes, but you know sometimes they might be parking illegally and if I copied them then I would just get booked too. Parking is stressfull!
  11. Essentially, a year and a bit ago the Sydney City Council put forward a Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy Plan proposing a number of measures for improving and encouraging PTW access to Sydney CBD, and addressing a few of the inequalities between car vs bike in Sydney/NSW.

    I forget exactly when (late last year, wasn't it? Or early this year?) the 12 month "free parking" trial started, but it is underway currently and ongoing. No signage changes, just a press release from the council.

    http://cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/ABOUTSYDNEY/ParkingAndTransport/MotorCycleParking.asp for further reading.