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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doodlebug, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Hi, You who like Metallica, have you heard their new release? Sounding much more like the old 'Tallica now theyre past that St. Anger stage, have a listen.

    Just go to www.metallica.com and listen.

  2. i heard it on the radio the other day. im not a fan of this song
  3. It's pretty meh, but better than St Anger... mind you, a cinder-block to the testicles is better than St Anger, so it's not too difficult an ask.

    There's a guitar solo in it, though!
    Not a great one, but at least they let Kirk play something this time.
  4. They can only get better after we suffered with St Anger. Maybe Hetfields new-found sobriety during the making of the album effected the outcome? If that's the case, he should've stuck to drinking.

    Without a doubt though - they've ALWAYS put on a great show!
  5. Apart from when they were condemned to the Perth Entertainment Centre, a venue with the acoustics of a tin dustbin.
  6. It starts out a bit too 'pretty' for my taste, but it's at least identifiable as Metallica, devoid of the worst macho posturing of St Anger and a nice long proggy workout. Thumbs up from me in relief, but it's not lifechanging.
  7. What a pile of garbage :sick:

    They should have quit on a high when they released '...And Justice For All' instead of delving into this pop/rock verse/chorus formulatic crap.

    Each to their own, but some bands need to just admit they're past it and move on.
  8. I've been having a long conversation with friends about this as we got previews a few weeks ago (long story). Anyway, the upshot of our chat was that Metallica should stop making anything new and only tour with stuff up to '91. And pretend anything since '91 never happened. Including this!

  9. im loving the new song 'cyanide', the rest is ok....
  10. I remember when "...and justice for all" came out it seemed like they had made an album that everyone else wished they had - kind of a benchmark for the genre. In terms of their music after that, I just didnt get it.... I agree with the other poster who said they should just have stopped there....
  11. Why can't they reinvent themselves and do something completely different? They won't go back to the eighties but at least write something different (and not crap). Load and Reload was such a poor excuse for music, it couldn't be called rock, hard rock (spew), let alone metal. If they can't write nor sing metal like they use to, do a different style of music but do it well.

    I didn't like S&M much, hated Load and Reload, St Anger I never bothered about. I couldn't tell you if it was bad or really bad.

    They can perform as a metal band live but they should re-form under another name and produce completely different music. The metal writing ability definitely went away with age. I guess they can't give up their past glories.

    PS: I have great memories of their 93 concert.
  12. My favorite Metallica album has to be 'Ride the lightening'. St Anger did suck royally and in many ways Im glad I left it in my Jeep when I sold it! Now I have no temptation to put it on. But anyway, I would agree this new Metallica is nowhere near their roots, however I will agree it is 100x better than St Anger. Oh and the biggest problem with St Anger was Bob Rock, have they switched producer now does anyone know??

  13. I'm a bit like Bravus. In fact the "relief" almost made my day.

    That said, after a dozen or so listens through the week I'm really beginning to enjoy it - more than anything since Justice. Even "love is a four letter word" isn't grating so much...

    As for Bob Rock, if he's the problem why isn't Rick Rubin the answer?
  14. Anyone that went to their gig a couple of years ago will know that they themselves are ashamed of anything post justice. They played all of their old stuff on that world tour as they knew no one wanted to hear all the new shit.

    It sucks big time.
  15. 2nd Metallica single released: My Apocalypse

    Rather prophetic title, really...
  16. I did quite enjoy that album of covers that they did. Wasn't keen on the Motorhead stuff (IMHO, noone has ever covered MH adequately), but their rendition of Whiskey in the Jar O was an absolute ripsnorter that I vastly preferred to the original :grin: .