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Metallica - The Digital Compression Editions

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Dec 27, 2009.

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    Some of you (Bravus) have probably heard about Metallica's new album, Death Magnetic, and the fact that is absolutely horrid to listen to due to being mixed so ridiculously loud you cant actually hear it. First time I listened to it was on my car's 4 inch speakers, and I thought they had finally given up the ghost or melted in the sun (it was a hot day). When I arrived home I put it in my stereo and couldnt believe what I was hearing. The songs were clipping the whole way through, not just a little, but a lot. Something that you would expect on a 96 kb/s WMA was the signature sound of a cd brand new out of the case. Bit I digress

    Metallica have updated their entire catalogue with the Digital Compression Editions. Ever thought that Fight Fire With Fire was a song for pussies, Kill 'Em All could use some improvement and Ride The Lightning was never really loud enough? Well we have just the thing for you! Cliff Burnstein, Metallica's co-manager, calls response "overwhelmingly positive," and that "There's something exciting about this sound ... that people are responding to." Thanks to Warner Brothers: Brickwalling Division, we give you:

    METALLICA - the Digital Compression Editions


  2. It's funny because it's true... One of the things that always made Metallica stand out was their dynamic range, and the misuse of the tech is certainly one of the things that has killed their recent output... along with Lars' addiction to deeply crappy drum sounds.
  3. ...and possibly the alcohol-related damage to James' formerly excellent lyrical instincts...
  4. Still in love with their old stuff - and, ironically, a really intelligent remix probably *would* benefit '...And Justice For All', my fave
  5. Probably a limitation in the wave format. When youre recording music with lots of high peaking thrashing, 32bit is a major improvement over 16bit 44.1kz CD

    Just listened to a little clip from that album. Very poor effort from an ultra-professional recording studio.
  6. I like Death magnetic , never going to outdo Justice for all or Black but its still a good album...
    I hope they pull their fingers out and tour this year!
  7. Trust me, its not a limitation of the cd's sampling. Somewhere in the recording stage they pushed the master volume right up into the red, it was clipping like crazy before they sent it to a third party to master. Interestingly, the Guitar Hero 3 version was recorded much quieter, with a much better dynamic range. I had no hesitation in downloading it given they had sucked me into purchasing $30 worth of excrement. The songs are a little bit different, a repeated riff in intro here and there etc but essentially the same, just so much better.

    It might have been a good album, but I only got about 3 tracks into it before giving up. By the time I got my hands on the guitar hero version I couldnt be arsed. Just picked up some new headphones on ebay so will probably give it a spin when they arrive.

    Black was a pretty average album tbh. while it was an excellent commercial album, it simply doesnt compare to puppets or ride the lightning - probably the two best albums that will ever get released by anyone (maybe slight exaggeration, but not by much).

    oh, dont get your hopes up for a tour
  8. After they haven't released any decent since reload. IMO
    Unless Garage days came after reload...
  9. I've always found songs I like of theirs on every album... except St Anger and Death Magnetic, which I think are woeful shyte.

    Does anyone know why their film-clips suck so bad? Like, anything that tries to tell a story or isn't the band live, is always bloody terrible. How do they make them so consistently crap?
  10. What don't kill you make you more strong... ](*,)
  11. Had to chime in and say I think most of the bands stuff is rubbish.

    But their movie was awesome.
  12. hey if you like good charlotte, it's ok, you can say it.
  13. They're on a par in my books.
  14. 'Metallica'... are they some kind of Black Sabbath wannabes? :)
  15. HaHa, cool link.

    I wore out my ears listening to MoP and RtL back in highschool.

    I listened to Death Magnetic a couple of times and got bored, but then I kind of started to lose interest in them after St. Anger. Still, they were a great band.

    Bonk, you would have loved "until it sleeps" then, now that was a wierd film clip :)