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Metallic red bike in Kew

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by DRMAT, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. Riding south on Denmark St Kew around 12 today. Didn't catch your plates or bike but if you don't adjust your riding you're going to end up a statistic mate.

    Riding in the 1/4 free of a lane full of parked cars next to moving traffic in the full lane is going to get you squashed or run in to a parked car at some point when someone moves over or goes to turn left not expecting someone to be in a lane of parked cars. Topped off by you riding consistently in people's blind spots there and then when a 4wd indicated correctly to move into the left lane you undertook him at the last second and were almost run over.
  2. True, true, and what you've described is my argument against bike lanes!
  3. Now I don’t know how the rider was behaving, but riding in that extra lane piece in and of its self isn’t an issue. Yep sticking to blind spots, or riding that lane at full travel speed is unsafe, but using it as a lane with the same caution as when you split is just sensible.
    You should be assuming some cagemonkey is going to run you off the road when you are in a full lane and be showing the same amount of caution anyway.
  4. Wait a minute... Denmark street Kew.... hates splitters...

    Vicroads infiltrator!
  5. I agree with DRMAT. As I have said many times here, riding to the left of the left most lane is the most dangerous thing you can do on a bike in traffic.

    I happily filter and sometimes split through traffic, but I would rather ride to the right of the lane, across the centre lane and facing oncoming traffic, than ride to the left of the left most lane.

    Even when traffic is stationary, and you are filtering passed them, some drivers just decide to duck left down a side street, with no prior indication of any sort. The only time I have been hit by a car was in that situation. Don't do it people.
  6. LOL Nope. No problem with splitting when its done properly... but on a narrow two lane road (compared to freeway) with one lane full of parked cars, the moving lane doing 60kmh and lots of driveways/ turnoffs people can take to the left is asking for trouble. If it were a bit wider or if the traffic wasn't moving at full speed and if the rider wasn't just sitting in blind spots, basically what Falcon said, i wouldn't have bothered with the post. If the traffic had been slow then people with a bit of common sense would check that spot for filtering bikes, but they don't bother when moving at full speed because they assume no-one would be silly enough to ride in 1/4 of a lane of parked cars.

    Wasn't intended as a rant, more in the hope said rider might read it and have an attitude shift and not end up run into the back of a parked car.
  7. so he was riding in a "lane" which was free other than parked cars.

    can we get some clarrification because im not sure if thats illegal.
  8. I looked through the Orrstrayan Road Rulz a few months ago to see if it is illegal (since King St in Newtown, Sydney is usually full of parked cars in the left lane, and stationary traffic jam in the right lane, usually with a large chunk of the left lane unused just waiting for a careful cyclist, scooterist or motorcyclist to use).

    Did not find anything talking about whether you're allowed to drive in the same lane as a parked car.

    Logically, you must be able to - because many town and city streets have a super-wide left lane (or just one super-wide lane) where cars can park and other vehicles can still drive past in that same lane. Eg: Hunter St in Newcastle.

    Just that motorcycles and bicycles are using a much smaller left-over piece of lane.
  9. thats the way ive been treating it. i often ride down sydney road or the like and ride in the left lane that is occupied by parked cars.

    this is however dangerous as people dont look for anyone in that lane and pedestrians like to cross without looking. but i would be suprised if i was pulled over for it
  10. There's been a couple of NR threads including at least one where the case went to court and it's been shown to be perfectly legal to use the left lane regardless of traffic on the right.
    But I take the point that it can be made dangerous by the way you do it.
  11. I sometimes ride slowly down the left in the parked car lane if traffic is crawling. but wouldnt do it if traffic was going at 60 as the OP mentioned.