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Metalheads unite!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by panza83, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Did a search on here and was shocked to find there was no Metal thread?!?
    I know you're out there, come on and tell us what you're listening to at the moment.
    Recently in my rotation i've been listening to;

    Behemoth, bit of the old blasphemous Polish black metal
    Meshuggah, with all their screwy time signatures
    Mastodon, my favourite band at the moment
    newer Sepultura without Max Cavalera, give A-Lex a play, based on A Clockwork Orange.
    Gojira, a fantastic band from France, recently supported Metallica, a bit thrash and prog.

    Basically if you want suggest a few bands to open up people's repertoire, I always love making a new musical discovery.
  2. I listen to Beethoven - he was a metalhead of his time
  3. Check out The Dillinger Escape Plan, they are doing it for me big time at the moment.
    Very technical stuff with lots or strange timings/riffs, lots of screaming, but also very melodical.

    Ire Works is a very listenable album & the latest one Option Paralysis is fantastic too.

    Arch Enemy & Cradle of Filth are always good, the Amott brothers from Carcass are the guitarist in Arch Enemy, if you didn't already know.
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    I haven't gotten into new metal for a long long long time besides Anaal Nathrakh semi recently. First started listening to metal (like Metallica + Slayer) in 86. Saw Metallica in 89, very happy with that! Sucks it was post Cliff but can't win them all. (*boom tish*)

    I've mainly been listening to electronic stuff the past decade, stuff like proper techno genres;minimal and banging tech basically, not the generic music people call techno like kylie minogue and anthing electronic heh), psy trance and various electro. Went mad on drum'n'bass, jungle etc early 2000s but don't listen to too much now.

    But for metal, I still listen to Carcass, Slayer, Hemdale, 'old Metallica', Napalm Death, Entombed and the like. I saw Grave play, last year I guess? Most likely going to see Macabre play this weekend down here here http://my247.com.au/geelong/National-Hotel/whats-on/Macabre-USA.187590

    I recently watched "The Big 4" (Anthrax, megadeth, slayer + metallica) gig, at Sofia. Not a bad gig at all for remincissing about the 80s + 90s for me :D I saw Slayer when they were down here last, 2-3 years ago I guess. Not their best gig but I was still happy due to just seeing them! Doesn't happen often in Aus of course. I have tickets to Metallica, just a bit iffy simply due to not wanting to taint what I saw in '89. They still seem to play killer gigs but I don't think the rawness they had in 80s can be compared to now. More professional but for me, music is for raw enjoyment, some stuff I listen to for technical love (Voivod!, Athiest, electonic - Infected Mushroom) and some stuff is for 'pure emotion'. So, I guess I may or may not see Metallica depending how watching current gigs of them pans out. So far, it's on the lower side of wanting to see them.

    I still play a bit of stuff most days, ranges from AC-DC to slayer, carcass whilst my 9month old is about, trying to get her ear to recognise fast notes from an early age as well as with melodic 'normal stuff' :angel:

    Training out daughter at 3.5 months to have a boogie heh [media=youtube]MDkwXIIAWtM[/media]


    I'm getting ready for a day visit to my folks place but when I find time, I'll try to put down some of the metal bands I've known, seen, listened to etc over the past couple decades. It will be many many many names, just need to find time :D
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    I'll get on the youtube and check out Dillinger Escape Plan!
    Arch Enemy are great, love Angela on vocals, always good to be different in having a female lead.
    Cradle of Filth are one of my guilty pleasures... Some of their tracks shit me with too much fake symphonic stuff, but theres some real gold in there, Gilded ****, Mother of Abominations and The Twisted Nails of Faith are some of my favourites.

    One that may be a little lesser known that i'm really digging right now is Kylesa, they are in the same vein as Mastodon and Baroness, what sets them apart though is they use two drummers, which is unreal. [URL="]Kylesa - Hollow Severer[/URL]
  6. Thats cute as hell Undii....
  7. I love Solstice (UK) Skald (Russian) Isole, Isen Tor, Paradise Lost, Blind Guardian, Cradle of Filth, Bathory, the list goes on and on and on. (so much good music, such little time).
  8. Powah Metal!!!!!

    Iced Earth fan also? I like em, but they can get a bit cheesy!
  9. Iced Earth, similiar to Blind Guardian, but I dont like them nearly as much. Check out Skald on You Tube (A Tumulus).
  10. Sorry, Skald is spelt Scald on the You Tube clips.
  11. Really into My Dying Bride these days.
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    Listening to:
    now - [URL="]The Kris Norris Projekt[/URL]
    next - [URL="]Animals as Leaders[/URL]
  13. But it started with Bach. :)
  14. Argh this thread has decimated my day :p ive just gone on an acquisition mission to expand the library, just gone and gotten Dillinger Escape Plan, The Melvins, Neurosis, Cult of Luna, Isis.... Found myself the June 2010 Issue of Metal hammer which has the "300 Albums you must listen to before you die" Its like a buffet.....
  15. Frederik Thorndall (or however it's spelt) has a project called the special Rejects, I think, it's abit more out there than Meshuggah, but with a lot of similar elements...
  16. My metal range is pretty broad. Iron maiden, black sabbath, ozzy, metallica, hammerfall, gammer ray, cradle of filth, amon amarth, swashbuckle, trivium, slayer, children of bodom and the list goes on.
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    A few others worth checking out - [URL="]Cynic[/URL], [URL="]Daath[/URL], [URL="]Avalanche of Worms[/URL]
  18. I've been listening to mudvayne last few days, end of all things to come. But my fave band of any genre is Metallica. Their early stuff just can't be beaten.

    But like undii, I've been mainly listening to electronic stuff for last few years - from trance to everything harder, with a bit of ambient thrown in for good measure.

    undii, if you think about selling the metallica tickets, let me know. I might put my hand up for them.
  19. Ive been listening to Testaments the Formation of Damnation. Ive gone off metal the past few years but lately have been getting back into it.
    Back in the day I couldnt get enough Slayer, Pantera and Anthrax. Also liked Carcass and the album Cleansing by Prong.
    A mate of mine gave me a copy of an album by Austrian Death Machine called Total Brutal. The album is meant to be a parody of arnold schwarzenegger films but is actually a pretty decent album.
  20. I've been mainly listening to DevilDriver at the moment.

    I used to be a massive metallica fan, but I've just gotten bored with them over the last few years. Even the thought of them touring here dosen't give me a boner anymore :p

    Lilley: **** yea, go Mudvayne, there's a band I've completely forgotten about over the last couple of years.