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Metal In the Oil....

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ELX, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,
    I just went to replace a gasket on my bike (Spada), i drained the oil and noticed it had lots of small metal specks in it. Checked the sump and there is a fair bit of metal in there, very tiny tiny bits that look more silver than bronze. Im fairly capable taking the bike apart now, and i just want to know what i can check, to know what is causing the metal i found. The bike starts straight away everytime, and runs well, although it blows a fair amount of smoke from cold. I only just rebuilt the engine after making a mistake and overfilling the oil which resulted in the oil going back through the airbox into the carby/engine. But after that incident i drained the oil and there was no metal in it, and since then all the engine has done is be removed, had the timing redone, been rebuilt, and recieved fresh oil. It has only been test ridden for about 5 mins at very low rpm in the back yard, so i dont see how i could have damaged a bearing but maby i did :( . But yea, if anyone has any ideas of things that might have gone wrong with it and how i can check them, please let me know! Thanks everyone.

  2. You may get a speck or three of metal bits in the oil at the first change after a rebuild due to all the new bits bedding in, the smoke you mention could be residue from the overfill. Hard to tell after just a 5 min run in the back yard - that's nothing more than a warm-up, really. Are there any other unusual noises coming from the engine?
  3. Are you sure they are metal flakes?

    Run a magnet across them, do they stick?
  4. As said above, new or rebuilt engines bed in, which is the removal of fine amounts of metal.
    Smoking is probably residual oil hanging around on engine parts and piston rings that haven't bedded in yet.
    Run for a couple of thousand kilometres then worry if it hasn't changed.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Oh yea, im sure the smokeing is the residue in the pipe and around everywhere. Im sure its metal, did the magnet trick. Theres a fair bit of it, was a small beach in the sump... When i say rebuilt, i ment put together. I didnt replace the pistons/rings or anything. I just had it apart to do the timing. I can put new oil in it and take it for a ride, but i dont want to endanger it by moving oil with metal in it through the engine. Not really any weird sounds, nice and even idle. Seemed to make a soft knocking sound once or twice, but nothing to drastic.... I just hope its not something major. Thanks for the help so far!
  6. The bike in question is a spada... It should be about 40,000 KM+ past bedding in ;) And the OP just did a gasket, not a metal part??? hmmm :?:
  7. Sounds suss to me, sounds like lots of metal too. Worrying that it is magnetic, which means crank, ball bearings or gearsets. Mind you, if it was metal build up from day one, and wasn't that much, may be reasonable. Depends on how thorough a clean/rebuild it was too I suppose.
    Can we get some photos?

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. OP? Oil Problem? Didn't really cause the gasket, it was already leaking a little. I am just finally going to fix it. Not major, but i dont know if it could have done something else which caused whats happening now. I would have expected i'd see metal in the oil when i drained it after i overfilled the it and it went into the engine if it was the cause. But maby not?
  9. Will be sure to take some pics tomorrow morning and upload them.
  10. OP = Original Poster i.e you :)
  11. :roll: Makes sence, im am idiot haha