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Met Troy Corser

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by darkstorm, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. My wife recently got a job with fantastic perks that we hadn`t realised until the Superbike weekend just gone. She got a great job at the Phillip Island Golf Club. This was great, but what was better was that the club just picked up the 'Yamaha Stars Dinner'.
    She heard that all the yamaha riders would be there, and both of us being Troy Corser fans, suddenly got excited. hehe. She made sure she was working on the night and got some great pictures of the event. I went to pick her up, just in time to hear Troy do his talk. Great timing :p
    And grabbed him for a quick chat on his way out. Was also a great opportunity to get a pic of him with both of us :grin:
    He is so down to earth and so easy going.
    Has anybody else met anybody famous lately? got any photo`s?
    Here are our Photos

  2. hey nice storey congrats, met casey at the island and got a pic with him in 2003, would love to meet up and get the picture signed, would be way cool.

    Cheers :cool:
  3. Met Eric Bana down at the Island one track day, early last year. Also a very down to earth guy. Eric certainly loves his bikes.
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  5. Love the picture with the local drunk in the background (your one...not your wifes one) :grin:
  6. :rofl: I didnt notice him in the pic.....He was won of the guests at the dinner lol.
    Most of the guests were very well dressed. lots in after 5`s attire lol

    The members of the golf club were only supposed to be allowed in the gaming room of the club, but a couple who didnt even realise what was going on enjoyed a quiet drink and kept the bar staff company during the low tide periods when the riders were talking.

    Haga celebrated his 32nd birthday there and I was told he is an extremely funny character with heaps of personality.
    Here are a few more photos of the evening

  7. nitro nori is a legend.. couple years ago i got into the superbike afterparty down at PI. i was standing there quietly having a drink and a smoke, and he waves at me and calls me over, and asked if he could borrow a cigarette... so we stood there trying to hold a conversation for a bit, when he sdeenly goes.. no no, not right.. walks of and comes back a few minutes later with a handful of chicks, smiles, goes now much better, and continues our conversation about the track and how he enjoys it down here.. was a top bloke.

    this year on the friday night, i had max biagi sitting at a table on one side while having dinner, and james toseland on the other. max was rude to people and the staff where we were eating.. but toseland was nothing short of a funny bastard who was more than willing to have a laugh and a good time with people.
  8. Thats so cool getting close to the riders, especially having dinner with them. I felt like a stalker watching the yamaha riders from a back corner and getting the photos, but i knew i was lucky to be there. was just glad that Troy was happy to have a chat to some true fans and give us the chance for some photos.
    Where were you having dinner with Biaggi and Toseland this year? Its always interesting to find out where the riders hang out when they are here.
  9. Stand by for old memories :)

    In 1968 I attended the Tasman Series car racing meeting at Warwick Farm and met, and in most cases took pictures of...

    Jim Clark
    Graham Hill
    Jack Brabham
    Chris Amon
    Piers Courage
    Stirling Moss
    Pedro Rodriguez
    Richard Attwood
    Frank Gardner
    Kevin Bartlett
    Frank Matich

    and a heap more I can't remember....

    For an enthusiast of just 19 years old, it was a heady day.....
  10. they were the riders that were close.. the entire kawasaki team was also in there celebrating someones birthday, and rubin xaus (SP?) was round the corner.
    place is also known to attract the attention of rossi when he comes to town, and gibernau, plus a host of other riders..

    i cant remember the name of tha place, we just call it eddies cause thats the owners name, but its the pizza shop on the LHS down the main road of cowes as you are heading toward the peir.. just back from the corner.

    we've eaten near freakin HEAPS of riders, SBK and motoGP there over the last few yeas, goldern rule is, if they are there, you dont act like a blithering idiot or anything.. leave as they are and everyone is happy. some talk, other dont.
  11. Lil Man @ 2007 WSB Philip Island.



  12. LOL! :LOL: That shots the photoshoped version... LOL!!!
  13. Yeh I know. Its a good one as well bud!

    Say hello to the ol's for me. Its been awhile since I've visited you all. :wink: