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met my match

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pro-pilot, May 28, 2007.

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  2. No

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  3. Only see scooters in my rear view mirror

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  1. Is it my imagination, or are scooters getting pretty powerful these days. This morning I was turning right on a open sweeping section of hyway, on my R1 with a decent amount of lean! in about 75.
    During my (and must admit well picked line :grin: ) turn, to my horror a big ass scooter shot past me with an awsome line and took off at the limit 100.

    Is this just me or should I look at trying out one of these bad boys!

    But then again, maybe I need the trainer wheels again! :p
  2. If your on a R1 and been beaten by a scooter
    I would really start to think of selling the bike and buying a cage
    really sad :cry:
  3. :eek:wned:

    Hang your head in shame and change your name to amateur-pilot.

    :p :p
  4. Punked?
    someone with a mohawk on a scooter?

    Are we even australian anymore??????
  5. Yeah I can admit that it happened to me once.

    But then again I'm on a heavy tractor, with slow acceleration, and a top speed of 220kms. My bike will usually give your average 4 stroke (ie not a cbrRR) 250 a run for its money though, but not much more.

    I didnt buy my bike for speed, i just bought it because ive always wanted one since i was playing in the sandpits

    oh well its not a big deal you being beaten by a monster-scooter, though if i was on an R1 or something i'd be p*ssed off.

    its so funny when you see the "fully sicks" trying to race me in their cars, some idiot in a WRX tried to race me and obviously destroyed me, seems he doesnt know much about bikes
  6. well I was taking a leasurly trip to work, but was surprised more that a scooter could get that lean angle!!
  7. I'd redline every gear, scrape every peg and wear all tyres until I beat him.
  8. Scooter must have had, like, 5 Type R stickers on there or something.
  9. comeon guys, i know some of you 250's have been munched by monster-scooters. admit it, i know you're in denial mode, i was once too. its hard..i know
  10. yeah a fat one chopped up my old cbrrrr250rrrr.
    was so wtf just happed for like 2 hours
  11. I would like to see the best 0-60 time for a say 125 2 stroke scooter and then see what a racer on a 1 litre supersport could manage from 0-60.
  12. HEHE beating big bikes whilst on a scooter is the best :LOL: escpecially when its a pink scooter :p
  13. Hey guys, there are 600 scooters too - the Burgman for one.
  14. Before bagging out scooters, I suggest you guys go out and test ride an Aprilia Scarebeo 500 or Gilera Nexus 500 . . . . I've ridden both and I have to admit in the right hands they are weapons !!!
  15. Almost as bad as a Virago rider with a mohawk :LOL: :p

  16. The Piaggio MP3 400 will apparently outcorner almost all sports bikes (especially in the wet) according to some of the initial overseas reviews...

    Could be very interesting when it hits the market in a couple of months. :LOL:

  17. Punked by a scooter? Maybe some of these overweight scoots have the mechanicals to attempt it, but sure as hell their jockeys don’t have the kahoonas to try it, unlike the carefree vespa types getting around, most of these large capacity scoot riders are safety nuts getting around with fluoro vests and the like, they don’t dare pull that shit on me.
  18. On the [Vic] zen ride a few weeks back, there was a netrider "scooterhoot" on some big scooter.

    On the way back from Daylesford, myself, Stan and Scooterhoot took the ballan road to Werribee and damn me if that scooter was never that far away no matter what speed Stan and I musted on our bikes.

    The moment I was truly surprised was when we were coming into Werribee and we were racing a set of lights. I pinned the 9R and saw the scooter diminish in my mirrors, but the next second, he was out accelerating me and completely filled my mirrors. :shock:

    It's easy to underestimate a scooter... we still have an old concept in mind... they're no longer the asphyxiated undersized two strokes they once were.
  19. heh my housemate, normally a 1 ltr sportsbike rider, he had a test ride of a scooter from work one night.. then few weeks later, had a deal on a scooter that he could not pass up.. Now he commutes everyday to the city on the scooter and he enjoys nothing more then whipping people on sport bikes ;)

    He has been trying to talk me in to getting one, but i will not succumb and i will not be beaten by a scooter rider ;)