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Met my first oxygen thief...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by MREVOX, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Riding on a local road today, come out of a round-a-bout into a 60km/h zone. I promptly accelerate to the speed limit and position myself in the middle of the lane.

    I notice a white Hyundai Accent in my mirrors, swerving from behind me to all the way on to the wrong side of the road (which had no traffic on it)... back and forth, back and forth. Taking this as a not so subtle hint to get out of his way, I moved to the left as far as I could, and he tore past me, pretty much as close beside me as he could. At one point I was between him and a parked car on the left... luckily no-one was in it to open their door on me.

    I shook my head and uttered some choice words in the privacy of my helmet, and continued on my merry way.

    In hindsight, I should have pulled over and stopped to let him pass, which would definitely have been a safer option. Oh well, that's my learning out of it.

    Here's hoping he gets what's coming to him. :mad:
  2. In hindsight you should get the plate and report it.
    I'm not for dobbing in, except for in exceptional cases.
    Help build a history against them and get them off the road.
  3. I think the lesson here is, that you should have been doing at least 100.
  4. Here I was thinking you met an Indian security guard from my work :p
  5. My bet is if you driving a car at the time they wouldn't have done it, superiority thing.

    The other possibility is the car was just being moved back and forth in his lane due to the car being such a piece of shit.

    In future similar situations, I'd suggest 'owning your lane', staying to the right of the lane, and simply slowing down and putting your left blinker on but not moving over. Allows them to overtake in the other lane if they wish, but thats their responsibility, not yours.

    Or if you're immature like me, humiliate their shitty car and ricer tactics by leaving them in the dust. Or just leave a boot print in their car as they pass.
  6. He wasn't moving back and forth in his lane... he was moving back and forth between his lane and the wrong side of the road.
  7. I had a prick do somthing similar, almost asif he was getting as far over as he could so he could see what the holdup was....... he got pretty close, but turned off after a few hundred metres of the road I was on. I had some creative thaughts cross my mind, like stopping at a set of traffic lights.....making the *wind down your window* gesture......... then backing my little exhaust up to his window and filling it with a plume of smoke!
  8. Mate, I'd either pull RIGHT OFF the road, if that is not possible then just hold the center of your lane and go the speed limit.

    Assuming he isn't a complete nut he'll try go around you in the 'wrong' lane... at least that way you'll have space to your left if he chooses to cut back in on you, you could also hit the brakes as he's going around you, just to let him get ahead faster.

    The problem with what you did I reckon is that you had no room for any further error (either his or yours) and it encouraged him to overtake you dangerously (ie in your lane)

    Not much you can do when the threat comes from behind like that.

    Personally I don't know what I'd do, and whether I'd be able to think of that 'on the fly'. I'd probably have just given him the finger... :grin:
  9. Write it up as a complaint (date,time,pace,rego,description) and lodge at police station.

    ... or carry a gun and shoot them through the head.

    Surviving on the road is hard enough!
  10. Mmm I was thinking about this. Like that numpty retarded bio scientist on the tele a night or so ago, wasn't paying attention when overtaking and had a head on because the overtaking lane ran out and the person in the left lane had to merge left (what a total ass, there are a bazillion 'ending in x' signs in those situations). If the driver in this situation started overtaking then mid manouever realised there was an oncoming car, they'd just move left, shoving the rider off the road.

    Own your lane!

    But I do like kev's gun idea, it shows promise.
  11. Carry some (compact) stingers in your jacket... deploy them right infront of him :grin:

    Either that or go Mario kart on him and hit him with an oil slick :shock:

    Banana peels generally don't work too well in real life... but it's worth a try.
  12. That would get their attention.
  13. i just want to know how such a bucket of sh_t caught up to you in the first place..
  14. I'd prefer to deploy the squid. The green turtle shell going backwards would also do the job. :p

    By going the speed limit.