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Met Mick Doohan today

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Admiral Thrawn, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. During the Classic Adelaide Rally.

    The cars were stopped on a large green field around midday for a rest break. I had no idea he was there. Walked past me from behind.

    Hang on, that's not... no way! Couldn't believe it. :grin:

    He was there driving an AMG Merc. We chatted briefly about bikes, told him about my racing. Asked me what I was riding. I had a million things I wanted to say, but naturally couldn't think of them at the time! :oops:

    Wished him well for the rest of the rally, he wished me a safe ride, and that was it. :)

    Anyone else here met him, or any other MotoGP riders?

  2. Went to a lunch in March 1999 where he was the Guest speaker, with Q&A & autographs following

    It was a buisness lunch a mate and i got into via his wifes connections,
    All these buisness guys talking about $$$$ and investments oppertunities in the motor cycle industry world wide,
    I asked him if he thought Gardner deliberatly tried to run him off the track at turn 1 PI in 1990, HIs eyes lit up, a bike related Q'n you could see his delight

    I took my 1990 vintage Doohan 'eyeball' helmet to get signed and he continued the chat, nice guy,

    I remember him saying during the talk that his financial security was important, as his carrer could be over at any moment, this was in March, only a few months later he lay on the side of the Jerz track smashed up, and never to return

  3. I see Mick each year during the Formula 1. He walks around MY pit lane with a microphone and headset, reckons he knows shit ;)

    I've met a lot of the F1 drivers, a few bike riders, pays to work in the right spots ;)
  4. I know Vic.
  5. What was his answer? :p

    Speaking of financial security, wasn't he one of the first riders to negotiate a huge salary? Rossi makes around $30 million a year. I think most of the top riders today make around the $10 million mark (correct me if I'm wrong). Any idea what Doohan made back in the day at the top of his career?

    Taking into consideration the risks involved, and that your career could end at any moment (and life significantly affected) because of serious injury, would have to be the best negotiating strategy when asking for higher pay.

    Hopefully I'll catch him tomorrow. Any questions you want me to ask him if I see him? :)
  6. I met him once, many years ago, he seemed like a nice bloke. Afterwards, my dad told me who he was... :oops:
  7. Mrs Tree's ridden "his" roller coaster at Dreamworld. Does that count? :wink:
  8. While I haven't him HIM, per se, two mates of mine and their wives were doing a Euro bike tour. They were having lunch at this cafe in Monaco, bikes parked out front. A woman notices the number plates and approaches them. You guys Australian, she asked. Yeah. My son is Michael Doohan (he hates being called "Mick"). They chatted for a while and she said that they could drop around for a chat when Doohan came back from a training ride on his mountain bike. Unfortunately the guys had to keep going due to prior committments or something.

    So, that is my claim to 6 degs of sep... (other than my wife's cousin being Mel Gibson's agent...)
  9. The first time I met Mick Doohan, is an occasion I will never forget. Was travelling over to the Adelaide International Raceway with my brother and his best mate and our mechanic, who were competing in the South Oz round of the Western Underwriters Superbike Series. Vechicle was fully loaded up and for that trip, we used an open trailor for the two superbikes, as we had managed to do severe damage to the transporter up at Oran Park a few weeks before. As usual, we departed Elizabeth St, late Thursday arvo and arrived at the foot of the hills after midnight.. ..noticed a really beaten up, rusted out, very old ute, with Qld rego and a 250cc proddy bike in the back, following us all the way through Adelaide and out the other side. We had a bit of a laugh that someone would travel, by themselves from Qld to compete an a support race where the total prize money on offer for that class was $250.00. Near the motel where we used to stay was a 24 hour servo, so as usual we stopped to fill up, so we could get the early start to the track in the morning. This ute pulled in behind us and this kid asked us where the race track was. Turned out he was going to head there and sleep in his ute for the night. He had driven non stop from Qld to Adelaide. Explained to him that the gates did not open until 7am. Anyway, he seemed like a nice young C grader, and to have driven from Qld to Adelaide in this clapped out vechicle and it was only his 2nd race meeting, so I said if he followed us back to the motel he could sleep on the floor and use the shower. When we got to the motel, we are at the door and I smell this unbelievable stench. Realize it is this Mick's sneakers. Have to tell him to take them off and leave them outside before he comes in. Inside we have a few drinks, a bit of a laugh and hit the sack about 3am, which in those days was our normal sleep time before we hit the race track at 7am. So this Mick set up next to us for the weekend, slept on the floor, took off his sneakers before entering the room, ate our food, used our tools, wore by brothers socks and by the end of the race meeting was like one of the family.
  10. Great story! :LOL:
  11. Thanks for that ct

    Have a couple more stories......
  12. Doohan, Gardner, Beattie, Magee, McCoy, Nakano, Caparossi, Rossi, Barros, Biaggi, Roberts (Jnr), Checa, Edwards, Tamada, Guintoli, Melandri... others, but those immediately come to mind.
  13. Casey, is that you?
  14. They are just blokes. They pull their leathers on one leg at a time, just like us.
  15. I don't think so, it takes them a little longer because of the size of there balls!
  16. GP & SBK

    Met lots of riders over the years @ Phillip Island as we did the recovery with Bob Martin Enginnering's vehicles. Most of them were OK, some more friendly than others. P F Chili & Chris Walker would rather go back to the pits on the trailer & chatted with us along the way. Fogarty, Kenny Roberts Snr & John Kozinski absolute wan*ers!
  17. never really met any top names of the motorcycle world but by jesus I would love to get an autograph on a helmet or something as I am into sports memorabillia.Mighty mick would be a real prize. very difficult to get.I might try for wayne gardner at the island classic.! I do have kenny roberts jr but its not a very good signature. scribble! genuine though.
  18. You should try the Yamaha V.I.P. (Corperate Hospitality) Tent at the MotoGP. Great way to watch the race and if the last 8 years is anything to go by you should meet the Tech 3 and Fiat Yamaha riders. They will also sign anything you care to bring, my mate bought in his R1 feul tank. It now has a nice big (and fairly neat) Rossi signature along the top. It came up really well actually, I have some pics of it I can email if you want. Mick's signature is not hard to get, just have to get it at the right time I guess.
  19. I meet both Mick and Casey at Moto GP this year and lined up for four hours for the privilege. Mick seemed pretty cool, Casey didn’t say a peep. He just signed my Stoner lid (which now has pride of place in my living room) and gave an awkward smile when I asked him to do a burnout at turn 1 after he won the race (which he didn’t).
  20. haha its so true :D