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Met Haggis at HART - St Ives

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Faramir, May 12, 2007.

  1. I met Haggis at HART - St Ives, Sydney today. We did the Handling and Dynamics Course. I found some of the stuff challenging. We both had a great time.

    The blipping the revs whilst slowing down to a stop is something I need to practice. All of us were much better at emergency stops, maybe because we all had to use it a number of times on the real road. The massive cone weave was fun (much much much better than the Ps one). I wish we had more gos at it. The HART track is great. Some of the corners are great - great sharp bends, open sweepers. We only used half of the circuit today but I been been on the whole track when I did the Post Learner's course before. Can't imagine what crazy speeds the cops use to ride around that circuit when they use to own that site. The site was an ex-police training ground. I wonder where they train now.

    I guess I better gain more experience (and maybe a bigger bike - if I can ever afford it......) before I am already for the advanced course. I only have just over 8 months experience. (Most of it is not in a straight line.)

    Everyone at the course are great people. None of us were show offs, wannabees, etc.

  2. They still train there methinks :p

    When I get some cash together I'm going to do the advanced training one.
  3. I am pretty sure that HART owns and uses that site full time. They ever have a dirt bike course. The insturctor said most people in the advanced course use bigger bikes. He said I could do it in my Spada but if I am thinking of an upgrade....ha!....money first........ then I should get some experience on that bike first. He did state how he likes racing on little bikes like the Spada. Yes, the bigger bikes can go faster on the open sweepers and straight lines but unless they have experience, they still have the same struggles like we do on the tight bends.

    Also I asked him am I cruiser rider or a super sports bike racer? He said that I am in between. I would feel uncomfortable on a racer like Yamma R6/R1 or Honda CBRxxxx. Also I do not feel like I should sit back like I would on a cruiser. Therefore the Spada suit me.
  4. Yes they still own it, but thats where coppers go to train so I've heard. Yeh if youre somewhere in between, thats would mean sports tourers.
  5. Good thing they didn't have a "Dodge the Kangaroo" segment.

    Den would've failed miserably :p.
  6. Hey guys, I'm thinking about doing this, just wondering if you can outline what they went through on the course?
  7. I'm gonna be booking in for this one in July.. any other NR's going?
  8. It'd be criminal not to book in for the same day and do the Old Road afterwards wouldn't it? :grin:
  9. well it IS only a half day course :wink:
  10. Right on, morning course to practice, afternoon to put it into practice. Bring your knee sliders :LOL:
  11. :LOL: need to find a way of attaching knee sliders onto jeans :p