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Messy's New STrumpet 1050

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Mr Messy, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Hey guys!
    Finally decided bugger it, just because the sod of a thing doesnt want to start right now doesnt mean i cant post up the bike :p!

    Monday 26th i bought myself a lovely 2009 Triumph Sprint ST in the Phantom Black colour from TeamMoto Nerang, with a mere 6000km on it... As many would know ive been lusting after a STrumpet for some time :D. TeamMoto Nerang - cant praise the staff there enough, they were all quite helpful, talked on the level, werent pushy, and had ready answers to all my questions.

    Had the bike delivered from the gold coast to gladstone due to work committments preventing me picking it up. Unfortunately on arrival however, the bloody thing doesnt start. Shit happens, ive got heaps of unpacking etc to do so im busy enough for now :p. It gets looked at on the 14th of this month at any rate...

    Now, as any self respecting motorcyclist would do, im going to make my bike MY bike... but in saying that i havent actually installed ANY mods as yet... just havent had chance! Plus if i had had the time to play with mods, id have time to get the sucker going myself!

    Anyway, my mods list...

    Arrived mods:
    -Colour matched Triumph powered top box and associated luggage rack and backrest
    -Throttlemeister Throttle Lock
    -Osram Nightbreaker globes
    -Anodised black front brake cylinder
    -Corbin gunfighter and lady locking seat (sent on to goodwool.com.au to have a cover made!)
    -Genmar 1" risers

    Paid for but waiting to arrive:
    -Alarm/Immobiliser system
    -Couple more security devices for on the road and in home (example: giving bike a disease to which mrs messy and i are immune and no one else is...)
    -Scottoiler E-System
    -Sintered brake pads
    -Ventura headlight protector (vp190)

    Stuff im yet to decide which to buy due to not having been able to ride for long enough yet!:
    -Higher grade of oil in forks - perhaps a stiffer spring?
    -Upgraded rear springs/shock - ohlins? penske?
    -Better plugs (twin electrodes? iridiums?)

    Want list:
    -18T front sprocket with associated correction to ECU (electronic speedo)
    -Pazzo regular length levers
    -Givi touring screen - maybe... want tinted touring style screen, brand negotiable!
    -Beowulf grilles for bike (thanks Rogues! and linked so i dont lose the link :p)
    -R&G crash knobs - maybe... sounds like trumpy frames don't like any kind of impact at all.
    -PC111 and Staintune exhausts - apparently the stock airfilter works much better in all respects then the K&N.

    P.S. Photos are the shop photos, havent taken my own yet, waiting until the sod really runs! :p. High res photos to follow.

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  2. Let me be the first to say "woot" snice strumpet, look forward to reading how she rides...
  3. Thanks mate ;). Only thing different to the pics is its got a set of pilot road 2's on ;).
    Keen to get her going, will be a simple fix you watch. Just as happy to let it be fixed under warranty as bugger something up at this point :p.
  4. #4 Mr Messy, Oct 4, 2011
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    Seat and risers arrived today ;-) .
    Going to take me a month to fit all this stuff lol...

  5. the sliver trim round the lights gives a 'nasty' look :) nice choice!!
  6. you've been talking about getting one of these for ****in ages!!

    glad to see you finally got what you wanted (y)

    power to ya mate
  7. Nice Bike :)

    Smoked indicator lenses on the front look nice too! I bought some from motolume, but the bulbs are wrong size. Will change them eventually.
  8. lovely... I really think these are pretty!
  9. the ventura h/light protector.....?? is that the black smoked version which is shaped to cover the whole 3 lights/silver part of the cowling......??
    I saw one on a 'red' up at Gingers on the weekend...... it looked brilliant.
    He also had 'Staintunes on it which looked great so.......Good choice (wink)
  10. Thanks for the tips guys. Will be blinged up haha :).
  11. #11 Mr Messy, Oct 7, 2011
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    God damn it!
    Saw another black STrumpet today. Had hoped I had the only one here :p .
    His works though hahaha. Midnight spares maybe... :evil:. Ok so id never do that...
    Mine will work next week, that's soon enough with my work roster presently.

  12. Hehe that always happens. Luckily for me, I had a few months of owning my GSX1250FA before spotting another one in the same colour. Last big ride I went on, there were three bikes of the same colour.

    Well done on the Sprint, I'm still open to having a third bike :LOL:
  13. Lol :p.
    Yeah it gets picked up monday morning now, had the time confirmed etc. So, week and should be riding (but 8 days and i go back to work for 3 weeks *grumble*).
  14. Ah yes, Mrs Messy arrives tomorrow, and bike gets picked up monday morning to be fixed up... Cant wait to ride both of them :p.
    Going to be a good week off :).
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  15. Well the local dudes picked up the bike this a.m.
    No word yet on the problem, only a phone call to say that 'the ecu checks out with the map fine and no errors posting, theres fuel, theres spark, theres air, but it just wont start!'

    Lol, not sure theres much else left that can go wrong :p.
    Oh well will see what will be... might just have to make do with Mrs Messy.
  16. Yay bike fixed and back in the garage.
    Was the plugs after all - guess they were lying yesterday about checking for spark yesterday lol.
    Could have done it myself after all, but given it was under warranty and im on nightshift... :p.
  17. Had my first decent ride on my trumpet today, fun.
    Had a ball around town after scrubbing in the tyres, goosing it around roundabouts and hanging off like a looney. Must say my road craft is shot to hell after being off bikes for 5 months, but wow the bike inspires confidence like nothing else I've ridden.
    Needs harder springs up front and in the back for me to be happy to push hard at speed, but keeping it legal(ish) on sharp corners is fun enough for now until I can sort them out!

    Now to get more pics of it, and one with mrs messy in a bikini on it for the p0rn thread :angel:!
  18. Thought id give a quick update... and cant edit the OP.

    Installed mods (as at 29/02/12):
    -Throttlemeister Throttle Lock
    -Osram Nightbreaker globes - turns out it had osrams earlier type, but the nightbreaker is a noticably whiter colour temp. Will report how good/bad they are after night riding :p.
    -Radguard oil and radiator guard set
    -Ventura headlight protector
    -Staintune exhaust -DOH! Need to send them back to staintune to have the restrictors fitted :(. Bike going to be out of action a while after i get it back from suspension and dyno shop.
    -Luggage rack, colour matched Triumph top box, backrest
    -K&N air filter
    -18T front sprocket
    -Racetech modified triumph rear suspension and front forks - gold valves and uprated springs, plus whatever else they did :p.
    -Zero gravity double bubble screen
    -Proper factory alarm
    -Corbin gunfighter and lady locking seat

    Arrived mods:
    -Anodised black front brake cylinder (ill put it on if i can find where i put the bastard thing!)
    -Scottoiler v-system

    Paid for but waiting to arrive:
    -clear indicator lenses

    Next on the list:
    -PCV and Autotune

    Changed mind on and sold:
    -1" risers
    -Alarm/Immobiliser (bought wrong one, another on the way!)
    -Givi aero double bubble screen (didnt fit properly :\)
    -Scottoiler e-system