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Messy Moving to QLD

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Messy, May 19, 2011.

  1. Hey all!
    *FINALLY* got confirmation of my job up in gladstone, qld (on the LNG project). Only took them 7 months to decide when to start things off...
    So ill be moving up there for a few years it seems! Wont have a bike straight away but naturally its high on the list of things to get.

    Knowing not a thing about QLD north of brisvegas, anyone know of any good roads up that way that are worth exploring? Anywhere to avoid?

    edit: Oh, its 3 weeks on 1 week off, so i dont mind going for a 1-2 night trip for a nice ride ;).
  2. I was there on the weekend but only saw long and straight roads :S I suspect that there are probably some good roads that i don't know about.
  3. Blackmans Gap Rd, Gladstone Monto Rd, Kalpowa Rd, all around there
  4. They do all look pretty good goz... on the satellite anyway :D. Will keep them in mind cheers!
  5. A friend moved from the Coast to Gladstone for work and his bike barely gets used anymore because he reckons there's a serious lack of decent roads.
  6. At least you'll get a tan.
  7. Haha yeah some sun would be nice :p.
    Bike will be a commuter as well as a fun machine. That week off ill at least travel a little!
  8. Sounds good mate. Good luck & enjoy.
  9. I live in Gladstone. There are roads, no one knows where to find them and/or theres no notable road bike community around here to discuss them. But we have a drag track haha.
    Roads around here -
    Coal Road near Biloela- 12.8kms of tight corners, smooth ride, huge properly kill you unguarded drops. Also nil traffic (its an unused haul road that links nothing to more nothing, there is literally no traffic at all)
    Monto Road - Semi good condition fast sweepers for 45-50kms. A few tighter corners.
    Mt Archer Road in Rockhampton - Tight hill climb, big elevation change, big drops etc.
    Mt Morgan (can't remember the exact road) near Rockhampton - Tight (1st gear) switch backs for 2km down the side of a mountain. Worth riding up and down several times.
    Haddock Drive Gladstone - short, fun, smooth. Pretty much my practice track in every vehicle.

    Other than that the other thing to enjoy here is a lack of policing and police interest. You could ride at..decent speeds all the way to monto and not worry about police.

    Also. Gladstone is a boring, boring, crippling boring town. We don't even have a book store. Just prepare for that haha.

    But anyone complaining about a lack of roads just isn't looking or is too afraid to travel out of the cbd.
  10. Oh. And worth noting. The highway/general road quality around is here is shit house after the recent rain/floods. The roads really are appalling. I work at McDonalds and our delivery truck is broken every second week from the potholes. All the roads I've mention are in good condition for a bike, just be very attentive on the bruce highway.
  11. Thanks for the good write up Joel, appreciated. :)
    Yep figured some roads would be for shit.

  12. yay Mr Messy -- with the nicer weather up there you can now live out your dream of squidding it :)
  13. wow! finally hun! we were talking about that when i first moved to QLD! and now i'm back! so many exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    well, let us know how everything goes :)
  14. Hey joeldecai Whats the name of that Pub/titty bar down the back on the NE of town. Free strippers is always good. Specially on a Friday arvo. I've had so many laughs in that place. Always pretty wasted when I am there though. But yeah not too much to do after that but head back to a mates farm.
    Good dirt bike riding up that way too.
  15. The Port Curtis or 'PCs'. Theres a million good dirt roads, everyone should own a dirt bike here haha
  16. I was telling Mrs Messy on the phone that we will be going to the titty bar and strip clubs.
    The silence was deafening. So then i told her fine, ill go alone. Suddenly she wants to come too :D.

    edit: my back wouldnt do dirt roads :(. Hell right now my shoulder wont do tar roads!
    edit 2: might buy a boat... that might make it more interesting joel? :D! Trips out to the reef!
  17. Week off, Drop down to the Sunshine coast, Maroochydore to the Glass House Mountains through Maleny, (80 klms of the spur), Magic roads, grouse scenery, And plenty of Twisty roads to ride,
  18. Definitely. Would be honored to give you the tour around.
  19. Those roads near maleny are great. It's a fair ride on a 250 from gladstone though haha.
  20. Hehe wont be 250'ing it up anymore :p.
    Still got the heart set on a STrumpet. Will buy one in QLD when i get settled i think.