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Messy Motorcycling Moment

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. SO, what's your messiest motorcycling moment (and keep it clean!)
    I stopped on the way home from photograping a race meeting at Amaroo Park at a friend's place and his mum gave me three kilos of tomatoes to take home.

    Put them in a plastic bag in my fibreglass top box, and took off for Denman, up the Putty Road.

    The bike was my XS-650D Yamaha. Vertical twin, mucho vibration.

    You can guess what I found when I opened the top-box when I got home? Yep, the plastic bag had burst and my camera, my wallet, my wet-weather pants, and one of my cameras were all swimming in a lovely tomato puree about two inches deep! Note to self, don't do that again!
  2. Dririder + zipper + nipple ring + in a hurry = pain and blood. :shock:
    I don that jacket with the utmost of care now..... :D
  3. OUCH!!!!!!
  4. My messiest moment well thats easy, the big Sneeze i had with the helmet on. This wasn't just any sneeze it was bigger than Texas, the result was not pretty.
  5. I brought home a very mangled cherry pie from the Robertson Pie Shop not so long ago!
  6. And on the subject of helmets, i had a bee fly inside my helmet once when I was doing about 100k's. It wasn't messy but it could have been.
  7. I strapped 2 slabs of VB onto the gear sack rack on the bike (mine and the mates) and proceeded to take off down the dirt track for the 50km ride to the rally site.

    I pulled over about 50 metres from the gate to wait for the mate (I knew he'd be a bit behind because he was always very cautious on dirt).

    I kicked the sidestand down... only to feel this wet feeling seeping into my pants.... ohoh I though... I've burst a can on the rough road.

    I turned around... I had 6 (shaken up) cans left :-/

    The entire back of my (recently finished restoring) Z1-900 Kawasaki was a mix of beer and dirt :-(

    About that time the mate pulled up... and looked (with horror) at the beer foam covering the 2 (ex) slabs on the back of the bike.

    It was quiet friday night... 3 frothy cans each *sigh*

    Luckily the local licenced store was open next morning (if only I'd known that was there in the first place!).
  8. What is it with rallys and the need for cold alcamahole :twisted:

    All you need is 2ltrs of STONESMAC and you stay warm and happy
    :LOL: :p :LOL:

    But on subject .. 1986 Jingelic rally , stopped in town for the two slabs / and some ice for said slabs . The gearsack took both slabs and 3 bags of ice, BUT i had bought 4 :shock:
    Had a VF750 back then and in a brainwave :oops: i put the forth bag between my legs resting on the tank ( not ocky straps) .. only a 30k ride into the site !!

    Pulled up at the tent and my CoCampers commented on the TWO lumps in my throat, yup it took some very vigorus rubbing to get things back to there proper positions

    :LOL: :wink: :LOL:
  9. Oooh, the agony......that could do some serious damage.

    In the old production bike racing days they used to freeze the tank full of fuel so that they could fit more fuel in and then fit the tank just before the start of the race.

    Quite a few riders commented that the first few laps of the race after doing a fuel stop were DECIDEDLY uncomfortable!!!