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Messenger LIVE (aka messenger 8) beta invites

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fishyben, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. Who wants a Windows Messenger LIVE (aka messenger 8) beta invite, i got 3 to give out ?

  2. What's the difference to 7.5 (sorry if it's a stupid question....)?
  3. Looks cooler :shock: ummmm ! share folders with friends , um ! looks cooler , did i say that already ?
  4. so have they fixed the security level ? seems all my intrusion attempt security alerts come through MSN messenger .... was thinking of Dumping it anyway , considering the email i got from MSN about messenger 8 being free i think ill wait till then , thanks any way appreciate the offer :shock:
  5. ok, i give in, i'll have one....if you can
  6. ill take one please =]
  7. do a search on it ..... its a viris / trojan .... microsoft havent releaced a version 8 beta
  8. Please shoot me in the head if I ever download MSN crap onto my machine. :p
  9. You do a search, http://ideas.live.com/
    invites come from MS the version you found is an old leak.
  10. Why can't Microsoft look over ICQ's and SKYPE'S back fence and implement 'one click open, one click minimise'???? Don't they have people capable of that level of coding??
  11. woo, GG microsoft
  12. many old leaks
  13. whew .... lucky i deleted the email i got , i rest my case thats it MSN is wiped !
  14. the link the dude put here is ok .... but googling it will lead u up the garden path
  15. and its not msn............. its more likely the version of windows messenger that will come out with longhorn aka windows vista
  16. If you're fed up with issues with MSN Messenger, try Trillian ( http://trillian.cc/ )

    Or if you're a Mac user, Adium X.

    The upside of these clients is that they connect to all networks with the one client, and don't have the fluff that makes the official clients so bloated.
  17. GAIM is also a good one. connects to IRC, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo etc (everything i think.

    has an easy to use interface. and has the ability to have multiple conversations in the one window (much like the firefox tab system). and is unix based, with a windows plug (bug-free). which means its open source and is constantly being updated with things it needs. not things that generate revenue.

    click below for windows download

    /end shameless plug
  18. Grr I hate messenger, have to keep updating the damn thing whether I want to or not AND it keeps making upgrade Internet Explorer (which I never even use). I'd delete the damn thing off my computer except for the fact that a few people I know use it as part of their work system (easy way to send inter-office memos) and they can't change to anything else. Least Microsoft isn't charging money for it at least (yet).
  19. Wow, you didn't have a very good run in this thread did you? Wrong both times :(

    So anyway, who's on MSN? I wanna add some riders to my MSN, damn it!

    mynameisvan @ gmail.com if anyone wants a chat (not necessarily right now as I'm about to head out haha, but for future reference!) :)
  20. sure i am african_violet1@hotmail.com :grin:
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