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messenger bags

Discussion in 'Luggage' started by MONKEYMAN, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Am not priveleged enough to post querie in significant forum.

    Am trying to source a good quality messenger bag. the type that have one strap and sling over your shoulder.

    most gratefull if anyone could suggest/reccommend one ?

    thanks in advance.

  2. Mug your local postie?
  3. Depends what you need to carry
  4. Messenger bags are not recommended for bike use. But if you just needed one when you are walking, checkout Crumpler: http://www.crumpler.com/au/. They never go on sale, so everyone (in Australia) pays the same price.

    The only discount available (that I am aware of) is Co-op membership that gives you 8% off on everything they sell which happens to include Crumpler bags.
  5. I use one of the military type canvas bags, great for just chucking stuff in that you can't normally carry on the bike and when not in use folds down to fit in my tail if need be.
  6. well i need to carry my new nunchucks
  7. crumplers look the goods, ta Luigi
  8. handbag?

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  9. If you have an RJays pack rack bag the sides and back zip off and they come with the straps to sling it over your shoulder,
  10. Ha ha. Try an army disposal store. Do they even still have disposal stores ??? Use to get the canvas ones there.
  11. that is attractive no doubt, and probably a very a practical choice.
    ...but not very manly now is it, no not really no.

    i think Luigi is winning so far, blocka is a close second, but those canvas ones just scream bogan/lowbrow.
  12. i like this one a lot

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  13. Aw, go on! Can't you see the smile(s) sliding off the faces as you reached into the attractive little number and extracted the contents? Wouldn't that make it all worth while? Jackie Chan would love it!
  14. try deus.
    i got a ripcurl bag from dfo a last year, quite cheap and works well enough for my pushie, most surf brands would make some sort of "street" type thing that might suit.
  15. street cred, yo.

    go on...become a hipster fgt and sport one of these:

  16. found a few ones you might like :D



  17. Looks very much like a laptop bag. I've bought something similar from an op-shop for $5 that does the trick.
  18. Thats very similar to the RJays bag,
    Its the one at the rear on my avatar piccy,

  19. Then you're looking for something like this...