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messed with idle speed can i fix it back!!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Matt GO!!!!!!!, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. i messed around with the idle speed of my bike because its been stalling a bit lately. im in a real mess. I have a Honda CBR250R.

    The revs get so low that it stalls, but this may be due to not warming it up enough etc... This is not the problem though im not concerned about this.

    I have fiddled around with the idle speed adjuster on the right? hand side of the bike. I have done this without even having the bike on thinking it would increase the revs. but thing is i dont know which way increases idle speed and which way decreases idle speed so i dont know why the hell i did it.

    I want it back to its original idle speed of around 1600-1800rpm. I havent had the chance to start the bike and see what its currently set at cause i flooded it and now the battery has died. I have been adjusting it in the hope it would start my bike easier if it idled higher.

    So yeah im an idiot, i dont know what to do.

    I have done a few push/roll starts. Start in 2nd gear roll down hill.... let out clutch... engine does fire up slightly, but i then need to hold the clutch in and give it a rev but it dies. So roll... pop clutch, bring it back in and rev. I have done this b4 but it aint working today!!

    any help would be appreciated pushing 150kg 6-7 times up a hill in full gear tires u out
  2. just tried another roll start...

    it cranks over ...in 2nd gear i roll it fast down the hill :grin: then let out clutch and it does come to life briefly .... and then hold in clutch to give it a rev so it starts properly but nope doesnt start.

    just refuses to start even on a roll? whats that mean... anybody?

    and no the killswitch is not on! im dumb but not that dumb.
  3. Lol. I was waiting for the part of the story where you push started it only to find that it was now "idling" at 9k rpm and the bike dragged you along like a rag doll till you ended up off the side of the road in some old duck's azaleas. Pity. That would've been funny. :p

    Give your battery a good charge and save yourself the hassle. And in future, adjust the idle while the bike is running.
  4. hahahah yerr i have to give it a charge if nothing works.

    im scared with all that fiddling.... when it does come on there is a big possibility it could be revving high as or really low :cry:

  5. One thing at a time - don't worry, it's not that bad.

    Now that IS bad. ;-)

    That shouldn't stop you starting the bike unless you changed it a rdiculous amount Then it would only, maybe, make it take a little longer to catch on.

    YOu are doing better than some netriders who have toppled over while push starting and ended up filling the combustion chambers with oil, which only makes problems much worse!

    Charge the battery and try again. You might need to pull the spark plugs and clean them if it won't start after 10 secs of trying. There is NO point keeping the starter motor running in the vain hope that it might eventually catch.

    When it has fired for you while pushing, did you have the choke on or off? (I'm not looking for a "yes" answer, but to find which way you tried.)

    If it fires in one position but won't keep running, just change the choke position. I bet you had it off because you thought you had flooded it. If so, and it wasn't flooded, it will fire but cannot keep running without choke. You just have to be quick to make the changes.


    Trevor G
  6. its all fixed now everybody.....

    I paid $50 some guy with a beard collected it with his ute. Went to Moss St to mechanic.

    This is very embarising.... Turns out I didnt have enough fuel in it to start it..... It was set to "ON" but that didnt work. I should of set it to "RES" (reserve) as there was barely any fuel in the tank.

    So after 10 million roll starts all that was to be done was change it to "res" just once even and it probably would of started.

    So now that the mechanic has started it... now battery is charged, and he tested it just in case but its all ok.... and it is.

    Thanks for the help everyone. :grin: Just remember if in doubt... look how much fuel you have
  7. :LOL:
    Oh well, at least that's one thing you'll probably never forget to check again.
  8. Doooooooood! That's :oops:

    LOL... welcome to the learning curve.
  9. I can't believe you just told everyone that.
  10. Next stop, the Fortgetting the Kill Switch problem :LOL: .

  11. :roll: :roll: :roll:
  12. I find usually that clockwise will up the revs and anti-clock wise will lower them.

    Just for the record, if you find you've flooded the bike again in future, twist the trottle as hard as it will go and hold it there while you hit the starter and it should fire up for you. :)
  13. I don't think flooding was the problem.
  14. No, 'the problem' was messing around with stuff without thinking and failing to add fuel, :LOL: but it was 'a problem'. Just trying to be helpful and earn back brownie points lost for all the rubbish I post here. :)
  15. Don't laugh fellas. :oops: Over the years, I have ridden bikes (KR-250 and GSX-750E) home and parked in the garage. Now I go out and start them with out even thinking. However, twice now with no avail. Both times, after flattening the battery, required the movement for the fuel tap to reserve.
    Yep, you feel stupid....but running out of fuel as you put in in the shed?